Sunday, January 22, 2017

Frosty but Kindly

Everything moves more slowly in the cold, including me. (Perhaps that's why I haven't posted anything for over a month?)


December was decidedly cold and satisfyingly snowy. Every weekend seemed to feature some kind of extreme weather, delaying my annual trip to the Christmas tree farm until the Thursday just before Christmas. Which was cutting it pretty fine.... (ba-dum-bump)

I found a good tree, though. Some bad fairy had disguised it as a not-so-good tree by stealing a large chunk of branches from around its midsection, but the Magic Glove of Perspective revealed its true potential.

Magic Glove of Perspective in action

A cut about 3 feet from the ground, a little judicious trimming, and we had ourselves a beautiful tree. And since we put it up so late I can keep it up until the end of January without feeling guilty. Maybe even into February. I do like having a Christmas tree. :)


January (so far) has been icy and damp and rainy and foggy and snowy. And icy again. A messy, slippery month, more conducive to hibernation and quiet indoor pursuits than to any outside endeavour. Just writing about it makes me want to take a nap.

But there have been moments of beauty...

...and of celebration too, when a certain family member turned 90 this month. He's always loved airplanes, so we took him out to breakfast at a restaurant with a view we knew he'd enjoy (the food was great too):

January's been busy on the crochet front as well. Some magazine projects have already been completed and mailed, with more in the pipeline. I'm looking forward to lots of yarny adventures this year.


2016 was pretty stressful, and I was relieved to see it go. But the year ended better than it started, with much to be thankful for: the return to health of a very sick family member, an enjoyable new job to replace the one I lost, an amazing vacation in which some treasured online friendships went "live", and a flood of new ideas and new creativity. I'm hoping for great things in 2017.

A belated but very hearty Happy New Year to you all!

How's 2017 been going for you?

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