2021 Riding Diary

Tuesday, 3/9 - Today is the last warm day of this March heat wave; tomorrow the temps will drop back down towards freezing. I'm taking advantage of the weather to ride to work. It's sunny and cool, but the wind is almost non-existent (on the morning half of the ride at least). When I reach the river trail, the marshes and backwaters are still frozen, but farther along I see some open water. Red-wing blackbirds are singing everywhere, and wild geese couples are hanging out on the ice. Brrr! When I wheel my bike into the store, my boss and co-worker call out, "It's spring! Sue's on her bike!" :) The ride home is much windier, with gusts up to 30 mph. It's a relief to get off the river trail and turn away from the wind. I just squeak across the railroad tracks in the short gap between two long trains. Whew! I hear sandhill cranes on the way home, but can't see them. 18.9 miles today; 34.7 miles YTD

Monday, 3/8 - It's been a few years since I kept a riding diary (instead I kept track of mileage in my photo files). Time to resurrect the practice! Today was the first ride of the year - mid 50s, cool northwest breeze, sunny, and wonderful. There's still plenty of snow on the ground but it's shrinking fast. Rode a mildly hilly route and felt good on the climbs. Along the way I saw sheep, geese (domestic), lots of blackbirds, and a row of pigeons on a barn roof. Also heard lots of birdsong, most notably black-capped chickadees. Running through my head was "Here Comes the Sun". It's been a long, cold, lonely winter indeed. So glad to be back on the road. 15.8 miles today and YTD