Tuesday, August 18, 2020

It's a Book!

At last!

Live Loop Cables in Crochet includes patterns and charts for 25 blocks...

...11 projects...

...plus illustrated tutorials for all the techniques used in the book.

For the number-lovers among you, that's:

36 patterns
46 charts
75 photos
174 pages
223 drawings (no wonder it took me so long to finish!)

I still can't quite believe it's done.

Live Loop Cables in Crochet is available on Amazon. It's print-on-demand, which means each copy is printed only when someone orders it - so it may take a little longer to arrive than a mass-market book. I hope you'll think it's worth the wait. :)

I'll share one last photo for now. This is from the Acknowledgements page:

"Online friends and readers" means you. Thank you.

To see more photos and pattern details, visit the book's Ravelry page here and click on any pattern. (Important note: Ravelry has recently updated their website, and many people have reported experiencing visual stress, eyestrain, ocular migraines, and other neurological reactions when using the new site. Ravelry staff are working to address these issues, but please be careful. If you log in, you can toggle back to the old Ravelry look by clicking on your profile in the upper right. Look for the option to use "Classic Ravelry".)


I'm sure there's more to say about Live Loop Cables in Crochet, but for now I seem to have run out of words. (Maybe I used them all in the book?) I'm just so thankful it's done. It's been more than three years in the making.

Later this month I'll be giving away a copy to a lucky reader, so watch for a giveaway post!

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