Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Already?

How was March for you?

I'd like to say that it flew by here, but in reality it felt more like a marathon of work, magazine commissions, struggles with pattern-writing, health issues, and unfinished blog posts. (It's a little scary how easy it is to fall away from blogging. And blog-reading.)

Big things have been happening on the crochet front here, but as usual (dang it) I can't talk about them until about five months from now! Stay tuned....


Spring and the birds arrived early this year, but "spring" in Wisconsin is a relative term. For each sunny day in March, it seemed we had three damp or rainy or icy or foggy days. But the earth and the trees took full advantage of those few warm days, sending out bud and shoot and grass with quiet abandon, reminding us all that yes, it will get warmer. And the birds sing a little louder every morning, no matter what the temperature.


One of the warm days came on a Sunday - which also happened to be the last day of winter. Of course this called for a bike ride....

Tallulah has finally exchanged her winter hat for her cycling helmet - which I take to be a sign of good weather to come.


In other March news: the chives came up much earlier than usual! (What can I say? I get excited about fresh herbs.)

We had just finished the last of our frozen 2016 chives the day before I looked down and noticed these growing by the doorstep:

Perfect timing. I love having fresh chives on my breakfast eggs.


That's it for my March news. What's been happening with you?

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