Monday, May 24, 2021

Meet the Torch Lily Shawl

I'm happy to announce that I've published a new pattern this month: the Torch Lily Shawl.

Torch Lily is a quick and lacy crescent-shaped shawl that combines chain loops and v-stitches for an openwork effect. The striking beaded edging was inspired by the flower for which the pattern is named. (Beads can be replaced with picots if desired; instructions for this are included in the pattern.) 

Torch Lily was designed for gradients, but will also look lovely in a solid or tonal yarn. It's easily customized for size, and adaptable to any yarn weight. 400 yards of sport, sock, or light dk weight yarn will make a pretty shoulder wrap (as in the teal/orange sample above); for a larger shawl with a deeper neck curve, try 600 - 800 yards (the green sample below used about 830 yards).

The Torch Lily Shawl pattern is available here in my Ravelry Store. Enjoy 25% off the pattern price until May 31st by using the coupon code MAYLILY at checkout.

(Note: Some Ravelry users have reported visual stress, eyestrain, ocular migraines, and other neurological reactions since the site's redesign last year. If you are prone to any of these symptoms, please be careful.)


Here's a little information on the yarns I used for my Torch Lily shawls:

Teal/Orange Sample: Highlands Stitchery 17 Micron Merino Fingering (100% merino wool, 426 yds per 115 gm), Teal and Orange Gradient.

This beautifully soft and vibrant yarn was hand-dyed by Robbin of Highlands Stitchery in British Columbia, Canada. Check out Robbin's Etsy shop for more yarny goodness. I was really pleased with her quality, pricing, communication, and service. (Is this a Shameless Product Review? Why yes, yes it is.)

Green sample: Cotton Kings Twirls (100% cotton, 875 yds per 200 gm), Emerald 07.

Cotton Kings Twirls is an unplied gradient yarn that takes a bit of getting used to (it's like crocheting with four lengths of thread), but the price and color selection can't be beat. It comes from Hobbii in Denmark.


It's hard to believe that May is nearly over. 2021 seems to be passing much more quickly than did 2020 (thank God).

My next post will have plenty of flowery photos from May bike rides. It's a beautiful time of year in Wisconsin;  I hope your May has been lovely as well.

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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Flowers for a Friend

This post is lovingly dedicated to the memory of Teresa Kasner: artist, illustrator, designer, craftswoman, generous contributor and volunteer, avid collector, loving and beloved wife, mother, grandmother, blogger, and friend.

Teresa's blog was a lovely place, full of warmth and life. She enjoyed chronicling the doings of her family and pets, her meetings with friends, the scenic beauty of Oregon and the Columbia River Gorge, her ongoing craft projects, and her amazing collections of antique glass and furniture. The flowers and trees that grew on her farm, and her beloved red barn, were frequent and familiar sights to all her blogging friends.

I'll miss reading Teresa's blog posts, and seeing her cheery comments on mine, often adorned with flourishes of type that reflected the season or holiday or simply her happy love of decoration.

Thank you, Teresa, for adding so much beauty to the world. These flowers are for you.

Lapel pin designed by Teresa. She
brought it as a gift for me when we
met in 2018.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~