Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Spring Rides

How are you, friends? Well, I hope.

Not much has changed here since my last post. I'm still out of work, still working on the book, still waiting and hoping for better things for our troubled country and this suffering world.

When human injustice and folly sicken and weary the soul, the beauty of God's creation can be a soothing balm. Here is a little medicine for the spirit: a spring's worth of cycling photos.

~ ~ ~

("Am I soothing?" asks Tallulah. "Why yes, yes you are!" I reply.)

Skunk cabbage in April, beautifully green after the long brown and white of winter:

The first Marsh Marigolds, frostbitten but still lovely:

You can't see it in this photo, but there were Scilla blossoming on the right-hand bank of the stream below. (I'd have climbed down for photos but it was private property.)



Serviceberry blossom:

Even the humble garlic mustard is a welcome sight after the blossomless months of winter:


More Marsh Marigold, shining in the sun:

May rides often include a culinary bonus (these were chopped, sauteed, and added to our eggs the next morning):

Greek-valerian or Jacob's Ladder, one of my very favourite wildflowers:

Sunny clouds of winter cress:

Sweet-scented wild plum blossom:

At the end of an evening ride, I spy three friendly cattle in a field:

"Enough with the photos already!"

I love lean-tos on barns:

Wild apple blossom:

The ground beneath the tree was carpeted with petals:

Gorgeous flowering crab:

A favourite jumble of outbuildings:

Admiring the lovely draft horses:

Large-flowered Trillium growing on a shady bank:

More gleanings from the roadside:

Dame's Rocket, a sure sign that June is near:

Golden Alexanders make their brief appearance along a marsh's edge:

I think this delicate flower is Balsam Groundsel:

Bambi having a snack in the middle of the road:

Wild Phlox, which is often confused with Dame's Rocket:

Tiny Blue-Eyed Grass near the end of its blossom cycle:

Hoary Puccoon (gotta love that name!):

More Dame's Rocket against a perfect spring sky:

This view took my fancy, though I can't say just why:

Wild Oleaster, I think:

A lovely bit of stone fence with bright-red farm buildings in the background:

~ ~ ~

May you find beauty and joy in the midst of whatever life holds for you right now.

Virtual hugs to all!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~