Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Month's Worth of Rides

This year seems like a runaway train with no emergency brakes.  The months have flown by like blurry images, just glimpsed through the windows, then gone. Where are March and April? May and June ... whoosh! And here we are, past the middle of July, with autumn (seemingly) right around the corner.*

This is one reason I take my camera on rides. Perhaps it would be better to live purely in the moment, but sometimes life is so fraught, or the moments so packed, that we have trouble remembering the good ones. A camera lets us capture some of those good moments - bits of beauty, things that give us joy - so we can enjoy them again later. And it lets us share them with others.

I haven't blogged any cycling photos for over a month, but I have been riding. Here are some of the things I've seen....

June Evening Ride

Wildflowers from left, top row: Clasping Milkweed; Yellow Sweet Clover (with bike wheel); wild Gaillardia; White Campion. Lower row: seldom-seen white Hairy Vetch (usually it's purple); Early Meadow Rue.

Late June Ride

Wildflowers from left, top row: Wild Parsnip and Fleabane; wild alfalfa blossom. Lower row: the first Field Thistle (with Yellow Sweet Clover in the background).

Early July Sunday Ride

Wildflowers from left (top row): Crown Vetch; Dog-fennel (Anthemis cotula); more Crown Vetch. The lower-left photo shows a cluster of butterflies on the ground - I couldn't figure out what they were doing, but at times there was a solid circle of them there.

This Week's Sunday Ride

Wildflowers from left, top row: Clasping Milkweed, Rudbeckia, Fireweed. Second row: Hedge-parsley; Swamp Milkweed; Turk's Cap Lily.

A lonely horse (above left) watched me take a picture of all its friends in the pasture across the road (lower center).

And I found three new barn quilts for my photo collection. :)

*I always get a little pre-autumn gloom about this time of year. Maybe it's because "August" looks so much like "Autumn". I need to stop looking at the calendar....


How's your summer going? Like a runaway train, or a sedate excursion?

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