Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Unexpected in November

About a week ago, the weather was as gloomy as could be expected: damp and dreary, grey and lowering, chilly and too-early dark. I even composed a sad little poem to express my feelings about the time of year:
Grey Area
Between the sparkle of October
and the glorious white of winter
falls November
Can you hear the thud? November. That's how it felt. All I needed was a suitably bleak photo to illustrate the mood before I shared this chilly effusion with you, my dear readers.

But then the weather changed. Temperatures plummeted. The air began to sparkle like crystal and smelled divinely crisp. A freezing wind came shrilling out of the northwest, and it snowed. And snowed a bit more. The mercury dropped further, and suddenly it was no longer November, but deep winter. People walked around in a state of shock, looking pinched and shivery. The Christmas decorations in the stores began to make sense.

Here are a few photos taken on Monday morning. (I would have loved to take more, but it was 11º F, with winds gusting to 25 mph, and wind chills below zero. A mite nippy for bare fingers on the camera.)

The clouds were breaking as I passed the church on the corner:

A cat had braved the cold before me, and left a long trail of pawprints through the park. (There were plenty of squirrel prints and rabbit tracks too - but luckily no signs of a scuffle.)

The wind off the lake was icily punishing. After facing it for a mile, I was glad to turn around and head back towards the south, where clouds were again gathering over the sun:

An oak leaf lay in the snow at my feet, wondering what it had done to deserve this fate:

One last photo of snow on a railing...

...then it was home, home, as fast as my feet could carry me.


~ ~ ~

How's your weather? :)

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