Saturday, July 9, 2011

Things I Like about Wisconsin: Wide-Open Skies

We live in a village; the nearest major city is more than 30 miles away. So we're lucky enough to see the sky every day - a lot of sky. Five minutes away from home in any direction, and we're in open country.

Often the only things between us and the horizon are trees, a few farm buildings, and occasional rolling hills - all of which only add to Wisconsin's beauty of broad skies. (The trees deserve their own post, so I'll talk about them another time.)

I love being able to see the horizon. There's a sense of spaciousness and rest that comes with an unencumbered view of creation.

Wisconsin has no monopoly of large-horizoned views; any place that's fairly flat (and not too built-up) can offer the same. When we lived in crowded Southern California, our favourite escape haunts were the beach, the mountains, and the desert. We loved their beauty, and - where beach and desert were concerned - we longed for their spacious skies.

Speaking of the sky, ours is blue and clear this morning. Time to leave off computering and have breakfast outside - under the wide Wisconsin sky.

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  1. Utterly beautiful. It reminds me somewhat of Suffolk and Norfolk, there are big skies there too. I love the shot with the moon in it, the colours are lovely. Do you manage to see the stars there? Where I live is very built-up and the street lighting spoils our view of the Milky-way.

  2. Thanks, Toffeapple. Yes, we do see the stars - the village street lighting diminishes them somewhat, but when we drive anywhere at night they're very visible. Great moonrises and moonsets too!


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