Friday, February 3, 2012

February Cheer

Happy February! As Pa says to Laura in The Long Winter, "February is a short month, and March will be spring."

That thought is enough to make anyone cheerful - especially those of us who live in the snowy Midwest. (Although this week's almost spring-like temperatures have melted off some of the snow.) The birds have been chirping madly the last few mornings, and my osteospermum - also known as an African Daisy - has bloomed!

This morning the bud was still closed, but an hour after I got up, the flower had opened. (This is a potted annual I brought in for overwintering after it survived last autumn's early snowfall and several frosts.) The plant is a bit leggy, but there are several more buds. I'm going to keep it going as long as I can. It's like a tiny purple miracle in the front window.

"Sorry to tell you this, Snowman,
but your days are numbered."

The Snowman's days are indeed numbered. At our house, February means putting away the wintry decorations. The red and green give way to pink and rose:

Valentine's Day is coming

This quilt hangs in the dining room from February - November.

Here's something that brought a very big smile to my face this week:

Many thanks to Ginnie at Becoming, who posted this and dedicated it to me.

And I'm very cheerful about this month's free pattern (to be posted tomorrow). Here's a sneak preview:

Warmth and hearts - just in time for Valentine's Day. The pattern is fairly simple, but I must have made the darn thing at least five times over. I'd get to the last row, then think of some tiny tweak to simplify things or improve the construction, so I'd frog the entire piece and have to start fresh, photographs and all. I'm so glad it's finished and ready to go - and I'm looking forward to wearing it myself.

As always, we're linking up with Planet Penny's Reasons to be Cheerful. (Thanks, Penny, for hosting this happy occasion each week.) For more cheerfulness, head over to her blog, where you can leave a chipper comment or link up with a cheerful post of your own.

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  1. Oh I can't hardly wait for this pattern! Its(hehe) so pretty.

    I admire your ability to work over-time (through a cold and all too) and write a pattern. You are a tough gal, Sue!

  2. I LOVE the cartoon! Just found you via Pomona, who shares my concern for good grammar.

    Weekend Blessings!

  3. I am a new follower - and I just love this scarf/cowl! What a beautiful color. Can't wait for the pattern! Thank you

  4. I love the English teacher party cartoon - brilliant. And I think your idea of changing over decorations is lovely. Apart from Christmas decorations things stay the same all year here but I think I need to put some thought into changing that. Have a lovely weekend. Juliex

  5. Oh,Mrs. Micawber! I am so glad to see you cheerful this week. I was so afraid that, in your zest for cleaning, you had fallen prey to the black hole that is your purse. Whew! By the way, what sort of camera do you have?

    1. A Canon PowerShot SC1200IS Digital Elph.

      (I think they need to add a few more numbers and letters to the model name. And "Digital Elph"? What in Middle-Earth does that mean?)

  6. Fantastic cartoon!! Just my sort of thing. Have a good weekend!

    Pomona x

  7. Brilliant cartoon ... it's frame-worthy!

    Glad to see you're in the pink today ;D

  8. I wonder if I could learn to crochet...I love that scarf!


  9. Love your beautiful quilt, I reall must have a try this year.

    I do think for a lot of people February marks a better time, although I don't tend to be fed-up if there ever was a time I think that January may be it after the build to Christmas, facing facts about the trousers that don't fit, the weather being cold, watching the pennies after spending to many in December....hhhmmmmm

    Love your cartoon pic, I have a friend who it would exactly appeal to.

  10. My daughters would love that cartoon. I like the cartoon, but I failed grammer. ;)
    I take down my snowmen in Feb. too and put up Valentine wall hangings.

  11. I'm so in love with your flower! A promise of more cheer to come! I'm going backwards, so I already saw your lovely cowls; I don't blame you for being anxious to wear the heart one this month!


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