Friday, July 12, 2013

An Exciting Package from Wales

It's always a thrill to get something marked "Royal Mail"...

...especially when it comes from a bloggy friend across the pond.

This lovely package is from Joan of Pembrokeshire Lass (whose recent Charlecote House-themed giveaway was won by yours truly).

The contents were thrilling too:

A fascinating book about 19th-century life in Charlecote House; a lovely floral cross-stitch bookmark kit; a box of beautiful notecards (so beautiful that I am tempted to frame them rather than write on them)...

 ...and a simply stunning tea towel.

Lucky me! :)

Thanks, Joan, for the wonderful giveaway.

~ ~ ~

If you don't know Joan, pop over and say hello. Joan lives in a beautiful area and posts gorgeous photos of local walks and landmarks. (And she's having another giveaway, which closes on July 17th - click here for more information.)

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  1. Certainly a lovely combination of gifts. Love that medievel garden book mark kit. All these things are so you! Congrats!!!

  2. Beautiful gifts! None of them shall be used, but only admired! :) Have a wonderful weekend, Mrs. Micawber!

  3. I'm so glad that you enjoyed your parcel! I met the author once when I lived in Stratford. She was a lovely lady. I do hope you enjoy reading the book and using the other things. Enjoy. Joan

  4. How very lovely, I do love a parcel in the post Mrs. M, just beautiful. Enjoy! xox Penny

  5. What lovely gifts! Mailbox surprises are always such fun! :)

  6. Getting parcels in the post is always a good thing, wherever they're from! Enjoy your winnings Sue :)

  7. Guess what, I have that exact same tea towel, only it says "Wildflowers of Sussex", AND I have it framed! Isn't that funny!

    I would love all those gifts in that parcel too, you lucky thing!

  8. I just love Joan, she always has such wonderful comments, so full of love. You are one lucky woman winning her wonderful give away. I bet that book is going to be a great read.
    Hugs to you,

  9. What a wonderful package to receive. I love the bookmark. I'd probably be thinking about framing those cards too. I have a collection of cards I've never had the heart to use because they're so pretty. So they sit. In my drawer. I'll pop over to meet Joan! Thanks for the tip. Have a lovely weekend.

  10. Lovely package from across the pond. I hope you will tell us about the book. That tea towel is so beautiful. I know you will enjoy seeing the wildflowers everyday.

  11. Oh such lovely gifts. :) I am looking forward to seeing your posts with the cross stitching.

    Blessings always dear friend.

  12. Well done on your win Sue, some lovely goodies there.
    I'm with you on the Royal Mail postmark, my heart skips a little beat, it's always exciting.
    I have that very tea towel too, not sure I've even used it yet and that little cross stitch kit is very sweet.
    Must pop over to PL and see what she's been up to.....


  13. Bet you did the happy dance in front of the mail box!

  14. Thanks to all for your sweet comments - and thanks again to Joan for her lovely gifts. :)


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