Friday, January 24, 2014

Word of the Week: Plenishing

Welcome back, after a much-longer-than-intended hiatus, to....

This week's word is Plenishing.

Plen·ish·ing (plenˈishˌing), noun*
Household furniture; stock.

Used in a sentence:

"My father's plenishings are on a moving van, somewhere between California and Wisconsin," said Mrs. M.

Most recently seen or heard in:

Anne of Avonlea, by L.M Montgomery:
"In a week's time Mrs. Rachel Lynde would move to Green Gables .... she had sold all her superfluous household plenishings by auction...."
Why I like this word:

It has a soft and generous sound, delightfully suggestive of cushiony sofas in firelit rooms, or long curtains gently billowing in a warm breeze. Based on the Latin root plenus, meaning "full", the word plenishing gives me a pleasing sense of comfort and plenty.

I see Plenishing as a softly-rounded lady, middle-aged, but still youthful at heart. She wears a ruffled apron stitched by herself, and trots busily between the kitchen and sitting room, carrying plates of freshly-baked cookies to a gate-legged table where sits a steaming teapot. Plenishing is a generous soul who pours cream with abandon and presses you to have another slice of cake. Her sitting room is light and airy, furnished with taste and simplicity, and adorned with embroidered cushions and crocheted throws (also stitched by herself). Wouldn't you like to have tea with her?


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*Plenishing is also the present participle of the verb "to plenish", itself a lovely word meaning "equip, fill up, or stock".

Have you plenished anything lately?

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  1. Well I shopped at a resale store for a new kitchen table…but I did not find one We wanted.
    Does that count"

  2. Yes, we actually did some "plenishing" in December. Or maybe, since we replaced stuff --- we "re"plenished.

  3. I went to a thrift shop this morning and bought a small basket I needed for storage and some flowerpots to plant herb seeds in. I think I plenished?

  4. .....kindred our Anne would say!

  5. Whata great word. It does evoke a feeling of comfort and warmth and home.

  6. I like the word.. maybe it will come in handy in one of my Scrabble games!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. We are 'plenishing' at this very moment, new ceramic hob and Thermofan oven to be installed by my ever-so-handy hubby this weekend!
    Pat ~ sunshine and a sewing basket in South Africa

  8. My plenishings are mostly antiques which I love and add so much warmth to a room. It is a bit odd to have so many antiques in Florida, most people are far more modern than me. I believe I am from a different era, I find comfort in older things.

  9. Hello Sue, I agree the word does seem to give you a feeling of comfort and warmth. Yes, I would love to set and have tea and biscuits with anyone. It is such a lovely feeling to share with friends. I hope you are comfy and warm.. It has been a very cold and snowy winter here. -25 degree below zero with white out condition. I would love to be in the sunny south Or maybe Wisconsin if it is warmer. LOL Hugs Judy

  10. What a great picture you've drawn, love the word.

  11. It's lovely to see a new word Sue and yes I like it and it's meaning, I have been trying to get rid of some of my plenishings of late though so does that mean I have de plenished. I would certainly love to join Miss Plenishing for tea and scones. :)

  12. A lovely word, it does indeed sound very comforting.

  13. Great word. My husband just finished moving our second home plenishings into storage. Interestingly, my spell check doesn't like that word and wants to correct it.

  14. I would love to meet Mrs Plenishing. You seem to know her well. :-)


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