Monday, March 24, 2014

Two Walks

Hello, dear ol' blogging friends. How have you been? It seems an age since last we met - though really it's only been two weeks. An Aged Parent to visit and tend, and five (woo hoo!) crochet magazine commissions all due this week, have combined to keep me on the road, at my hook, and off the computer.

But the projects are done at last, at last, with only the patterns left to write. The Aged P is back in his apartment, still very tired from his surgery, needing a wheelchair to get around, but slowly getting stronger.

In the rare intervals of work and P-visiting and crochet, I took two sunset walks: one on the last Sunday of winter, and the next on the first Sunday of spring.

Here is the marshy lake-around-the-corner under a pale and rosy end-of-winter sky:

At the entrance to one of the snowmobile trails, the earth is slowly kicking off its white blankets, preparatory to waking up:

Oak trees against a sunset sky:

~ ~ ~

A week later, I follow the same route. Though now officially spring, it's even colder than the previous Sunday, but the snow is nearly gone, and blackbirds have returned to sit high in the trees and sing over the still-frozen marsh.

Their sweet notes fall from the air and carry thoughts of summer and green trees, warmth and wildflowers to come.

On to the prairie restoration project, where most of the trails are denuded of snow:

Shadow of a waving blogger:

Favourite delicate grasses backlit by the sun:

Heading west again, I see that the trees in the next field look delightfully frothy on top:

And the badger's front door is once more visible.

Despite the cold and the bitter wind, these are encouraging signs of spring, with the promise of better things to come. (Never mind that it's snowing heavily as I finish writing these words....)


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Cheers for you and yours, Sue! I am so glad your dad is feeling better and that you are making good progress on your commissions :) The photos of your walks are absolutely lovely. As for the snow that is falling on you...ah, um...could it be it is cold confetti from heaven to celebrate the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring? xx

  2. Good to hear from you. Knew you must be busy. We have winter temps here at the Beltway apartment in The Netherlands. The Dutch had a mild non-winter until we arrived last week. Knew that would happen!!! Look forward to your bike ride photos. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  3. Hope your dad keeps recovering well. Gosh, I can't imagine the work that must be going into 5 submissions, I bet you'll breathe a big sigh when the last one goes in.
    Beautiful walks, I hope that spring breaks out properly soon! Juliex

  4. Wishing your Dad to recover soon after surgery!
    The photos are stunning... I like the winter ones, they make me feel homely, really?
    Well, it is getting hot here... so I have no objection for a little cooler days. But yes, snowing all the time can be too much, I know this. Sending you Indian sunshine!

  5. I'm glad to hear your Dad is doing well Sue and wish him steady progress back to good health! Those pink skies are so pretty and it's nice to see the snow is (was) clearing away! Well done on finishing the commissioned projects and all the best with the pattern writing - you are a very busy lady! Joy x

  6. Wow, you have been busy, five commissions, that's wonderful. Glad you father is making progress and has been able to move back to his home. The photos are beautiful. It won't be long until all of your snow is gone I'm sure. Hope you have a good week. CJ xx

  7. We have had a robin singing in our backyard every day this week; you are so right!!! Spring finally is on the way, albeit slowly. Lovely photos, as always, and so glad P is back at home and getting stronger. Five projects... boy, you don't know slow burn, do you?!? :)

  8. PS: Love the new header and the white background. Very, very attractive!

  9. Glad you Dad is doing better, it's so stressful when we have an ailing loved one. Five commissions, I am impressed!!!! Enjoyed the walks ,BRRRRRRR!

  10. Glad yourDad is through the surgery.
    The dog and I managed some walks around the neighborhood on some of the milder days, butwe snow covered this morning too. :( I really want this winter weather to go away. Here is hoping for actual spring weather.

  11. I'm so glad you're making time for your walks with all you've had going on. It looks like spring isn't too far off at this point.

  12. So much beauty here, Sue, and it's great to see you back, by the way!

    You are searching for signs of spring. One of my favourites is the song of the blackbird. Incidentally it looks as though the blackbird on the wire has a patch of red on his side. Perhaps you are a little weary of the sight of winter but those landscapes and skies you are sharing with us hold the visual delights of winter; so alluring even if it may be SO long for you!

    Warmest wishes from France where spring is snowballing too fast for my liking ;-)

  13. Lovely photo's Sue, well done on finishing your crochet and the best of luck writing the patterns, I'm pleased your dad is getting stronger. :)

  14. Beautiful photos! :)

    Congrats on all those crochet jobs....that is so awesome!

  15. Badger! Oh! I never realized you had badgers around there. Very cool!

  16. Glad to hear your Dad is better! I love these photos, the one of you waving makes me happy! Take care!

  17. Very evocative photos of good old mother Earth doing her thing. Thanks for sharing and I'm glad your P. is doing better. It's not easy.. I know from experience. Hugs, Teresa

  18. Lovely to come walkkingg with you, lovely photos with the snow, they look so peaceful. It's nice to see spring appearing, comforting to know the temperatures will be lifting, although it has been very mild here. We have spring flowers in our hedgebanks and the light intensity has changed.

    I'm glad your Dad is getting stronger, that's such good news. And all those commissions, excellent, clever you!

    I think Stephanie sees the red as being unusual, but I've seen them on other across the pond blogs like that. Ours are all black with yellow beaks, so quite I recall your magpies are totally different too.

  19. What gorgeous photos, Sue! The colors and shapes are lovely. Please come spring!

  20. oh i'd stay away from the badger bed. How cool that you know it is that creatures home.
    Love your images.
    Much the same here….c'mon SPRING

  21. What difference one week can make: Welcome Spring! :-)


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