Thursday, July 31, 2014

Knit and Crochet Show Highlights

What can I say about the Knit and Crochet Show?


Here are some of the things I enjoyed most:

Beautiful setting (Manchester, NH):

Amazing yarn bombing (organised by Jennifer Ryan):

Crochet rocks. (Doesn't it?) :)

The Marketplace, also known as Yarn Heaven:

Incredibly inspiring design contest entries (for a slide show of all the entries, click here):

"Backyard Visitors" by Sachiko Adams

"Nicky's Caribbean Adventure" by Dot Drake

Having a helpful and hilarious chat about technical issues with this famous crocheter:

Taking an advanced slip stitch class with Vashti Braha, and learning how to make all kinds of fun slip stitch shapes:

Adorable ladies from Australia, wearing matching Jenny King-designed dresses they crocheted to surprise her:

A great roommate (another Sue) - we got on like a house afire:

The thrill of having one of my designs featured in the banquet night fashion show:

Atomic Rose Poncho by yours truly :)

Oh, and let's not forget The Loot! About half of these things were giveaways:

Other highlights: Riding in the elevator with crocheters and knitters whose work I've admired for years, such as Lily Chin, Dora Ohrenstein, Kathryn White, Jenny King, Stephen West (with a cart full of his amazing designs), and many others. You never knew who might get on the elevator when the doors opened!

The very best part of the conference? The amazing camaraderie. Walking up to complete strangers and feeling their crocheted clothes. :) Trading crochet stories. Being surrounded by women carrying bags of yarn and hooks, who thought nothing of whipping out a project and crocheting at the dinner table. Sitting down with groups of ladies I'd never met, and falling into conversation as though we'd known each other all our lives. Laughing and making new friends.

It was a wonderful weekend.

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  1. WOW!!! Sue, I am so glad you were able to attend and I really appreciate your post about your experience! It is wonderful and deserved that your work is being recognized and admired. I would be honored to share an elevator ride with you :) xx

  2. I does look like a great weekend, I like the look of your slip stitch shapes.

    I had a dream about you last night! I dreamt you'd come on a cycling trip to Scotland but didn't say anything about it till you got here by which time you'd got someone to book hotels and a route for you. Turns out you'd just be cycling up the A9 and back down again. I was so annoyed that you'd have to be cycling on such a horrible road and missing the best parts of Scotland!

  3. Looks like a great weekend! Liked the giveaways, how great to have one of your designs in the show! :)

  4. Happy, happy for you. It looks like great fun. I'm in love with the Caribbean Adventure and the Ladies from Australia. :-)

  5. I love the ladies in their crochet dresses and also the covered stones, I have covered stones in white crochet lace but I like these scrumble type ones a lot.
    Looks like you had a good time.

  6. Just look at those four lovely ladies in their Jenny King dresses! Each a different colour too, of course :-)

    Nothing beats being surrounded by like-minded people. It leads to complete relaxation and inspiration. Possibly the best two 'tion' nouns in my opiniion.

    I'm glad you had such a good time, Sue. Are any of these new-found friends living close-by, I wonder?


  7. A true feast for the eyes, Sue. Thanks for sharing, and glad you had such a great time. Have a great weekend! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  8. Oh gosh what a wonderful place. I am green all over! The idea of meeting all those awesome designers, is just well, awesome! Your one of the awesome designers, so of course, you'd be right there with them. Your work is always so lovely. So glad you had a blast. Great post. ((hugs)). : )

  9. Oh my. This looks like such a wonderful, interesting event! I'm so happy you got to see your own designs being modeled, that must have felt great. I love just seeing your work in a magazine! You're a terrific designer and you should be proud.

  10. Sounds like my kind of place, congratulations on having one of your creations modelled, I would have loved to have been there it looks fabulous. :)

  11. Oh what an experience! I know that I was totally over the moon excited to go to quilt market. Also loving yarn and all things related I can only imagine how awesome it was to be there. And to have your design in the show!!!! You will be one ofthose famous designers that others are so excited to rub shoulders with.

  12. A ride in an elevator with Stephen West sounds slightly surreal and potentially great fun!

    Looks like you had the most fabulous time Su!

  13. It sounds like Heaven, I am so glad you were able to go. And you know what, I bet everyone was thrilled to meet you too.

  14. Fantastic post I wish I was there

  15. I am delighted for you, Sue, that you could attend this wonderful gathering and have such fun; what an experience, so much amazing crochet and yarn, AND congratulations on your beautiful poncho! xoJoy

  16. Oh Sue, how wonderful!!! I wish so much I could have been with you. That photo of the ladies in their crocheted dresses, you can just FEEL the joy! And that pretty model with your pretty rose poncho, and I am sitting here thinking that I have one of your shawls MYSELF!! (YAY!!)
    These women (and men) look so nice, I just know that they would show respect and love to someone like me, who can only do simple things with crochet but love it all the same. xx

  17. What a great experience! I love the ladies in their dresses--the picture tells so much. I just think about them all being such friends to share that crochet and the trip and the thrill of meeting someone they all admire.

  18. Glad you had a wonderful time! Well done on your design! Thanks for commenting on my post.

  19. Sounds amazing! What a fun experience! And your "loot" yarn looks yummy! :)

  20. Crochet definitely rocks!!!

    I am so, so glad you got to go, and I'm so glad they featured one of your designs! You are really moving up in the world, Lady! Marigold asked me to touch you... ;)

  21. WOW! That show looks like SO much fun!


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