Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Two Cold Walks

Yep, it's still cold here.

I fear that my outdoor posts will soon take on a January-like sameness. We've had so much more of this than we're used to at this time of year:

And it hasn't gotten any warmer. I believe there was one balmy near-40° (F) day last week - enough to melt off the top layers of ice - but the thermometer quickly dropped again, sending us back into a Siberian chill.

~ ~ ~

Walk #1: Thanksgiving Morning

Ten of the clock and food prep done, I snuck out for a quick breather. The marshy lake-around-the-corner was festooned with icy grasses:

Cattails shivered despite their velvet-and-fur coats:

A tiny remnant of the brief thaw:

The start of the trail, snow-dimpled and leaf-spattered:

Icing lay on brown oak branches:

Queen Anne's Lace raised tiny hands in surrender:

A short walk, and a cold one. On the way to Dad's I snapped this photo out the car window:

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The day ended with dinner and laughter and 3° outside. It was good to get home and under the warm covers.

~ ~ ~

Walk #2: Monday Morning around the Park

Monday was a day of bitter cold and iron wind. Having spent the weekend sitting around knitting and eating cookies, I really needed some exercise. I set out to do my usual two miles, but nearly turned back before I'd gone even a block. Dang, it was COLD. Finger-numbing, nose-hair freezing, photography-discouraging cold. So, although I completed the walk, there aren't too many photos!

Feathery grasses at the park entrance:

Christmas lights on the public convenience:

Pine-shadows on the ice:

Goldenrod in frozen elegance:

So wintry, and it's not even winter yet.

On the bright side, my sister recently remarked that in three weeks the days will start getting longer again.

C'mon, Earth, tilt! You can do it!

~ ~ ~

Someone is bound to ask what I've been knitting, so I'll spill: mitts. Mitts for Mr. M (rather fiddly as I am custom-fitting them to his hands, which has involved lots of frogging and re-working and deep-delving googling of myriad knitting techniques). As a break from the fiddly mitts, and an excuse to practice my new bind off, I've designed a ludicrously simple but cute-as-the-dickens easy mitt for myself. (Because I don't have enough mitts already.) Pattern coming in a few days!

What are you making?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. You take the most AMAZING pictures!

    I am knitting a ho-ho-holiday pair of socks and a secret pair of socks for Mr. K. Shhhhhhhhhhh...don't tell him.

  2. Wow, you are an amazing photographer!! A favorite was the golden grasses.. almost looked summery. I do hope your husband will model your custom mitts for you. Now.. I have to get that dumb shawl done so I can do my 2nd mitt. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. What gorgeous photos, Sue! The upside of bitter cold and iron wind (What a great description!) is bright blue skies. I'm busy making pies ~ I haven't quite recovered from knitting together whatever I was trying to knit with circular needles and not being able to unravel my mistake and pick up the stitches. I have a monstrous ball of unraveled yarn hidden under my desk. It's really quite intimidating. Maybe by next Christmas ... Stay warm!

  4. Beautiful photos. We've had cold here in the inland northwest, but not THAT cold yet. I stayed up until midnight tonight, unheard of for me, but I finished my last Christmas gift. A sweater for my grandson in his requested Denver Bronco's colors. I. Am. Sick. Of. Orange! Have a great day!

  5. Such beautiful photos - it looks very cold! We are starting to get colder weather now too but not as cold as yours. I'm about to start knitting an Aran coat for myself. Even though I have a least a dozen other projects on the go.

  6. Raising their tiny hand in surrender is perfect. That's how I've been feeling. They say near 40 next week in Minnesota. I'll believe it when I see (feel) it.

  7. Very beautiful but it does look so cold! I can understand why that must make getting outdoors pretty hard at times. My making has pretty much ground to a halt lately - but I have a very long list for when I have more time! Juliex

  8. I love looking at the snow, but only from my warm, cozy chair. OMGoodness, I don't think I'd come out until Spring if I had to deal with all that snow...lovely pictures, though. Yay...a knitted mitt pattern....I am very excited....my needles are awaiting. :)

  9. It looks so pretty but it makes me shiver just to look at it, you are very brave to venture out and walk. Mitts are always good you can never have too many, I have never made myself a pair of mitten yet but it's on the to do list, I am making a shawl, dishcloths, blocks and sewing up a blanket. :) xx

  10. Tilt, baby, tilt! I'm surprised at how wintry it already looks there and I hope you do get some warmer days before you're plunged into the long winter season. It looks beautiful, though, and I enjoyed your photos very much. Take care and stay warm.

  11. Your posts and photography never get boring, even when you have months on end of cold. What a day brightener, too, to realize the longest night is soon upon us, and it will indeed begin getting better, albeit slowly.

    Such gorgeous photos! I think I love the one of the leaves in the snow the best!

  12. It certainly is bright and crisp. Cold here too but not quite as bitter.
    I think Nature has passed by Autumn all together and gone straight into Winter. Last year was a very cold, long one so it may be a repeat performance.
    Never mind mitts you better start knitting onesies!!
    Susan x

  13. Winter's beauty is a start but glorious beauty none the less. Tonight Im going to try for night shots of lit houses for Christmas..I didnt get out in the daylight today!

  14. We may get some snow next weekend. I would like it! It's still not very cold here but wet and foggy and dirty. Your pictures are beautiful. I almost wish it was winter here. :-) Have a nice day, enjoy the cosy home and knitting mitts. All the best from me to you, Regula

  15. Yes, a bit on the brrrrrr side of things. Great pics! I think I like the feathery grasses the best. It's hard to pic just one.

  16. It is amazing how beautiful things can look even all frozen. I have been huddling inside for the most part. Luckily, we are not quite as cold as you are. I am so not ready for this cold. brrrr

  17. Hi, I'm new to your blog. What pretty photos; I like what your wrote about the queen anne's lace. I'd surrender in those temps too! Looking forward to following your posts. Heather

  18. I wouldn't mind a bit of snow to relieve the grey gloom! Lovely pics as always Sue. And an email pending with a couple of questions about the bind off x

  19. Brrrr...but I commend you for going out in it!


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