Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Oodles Scarf ~ Crochetscene 2015

Last November, when Interweave Crochet sent out a submissions call for Crochetscene 2015, one of the storylines started with these words: "We know you sit in front of Doctor Who feverishly crocheting Daleks. Send us your out-of-this-world designs that embrace your inner nerd."

Who could resist a call like that? Not this crocheter! Almost immediately the idea for the Oodles scarf was born:

Background photo copyright Sue Perez. Inset photo copyright Interweave Crochet/Harper Point Photography; used with permission.

Inspired by a favorite alien species, Oodles can be worn all kinds of ways: as a casual cowl, a ceremonial sash, a cozy scarf, or a multi-wrapped neck warmer for those chilly interstellar nights. Thread the tendrils through the crochet “wormhole” for maximum effect, or let the wavy ends blow free in the solar winds. (This lovely bit of deathless prose excerpted from my submission blurb.)

Crochetscene is a special issue aimed at newbie crocheters, but with projects suitable for all skill levels - so designing for it is always an enjoyable challenge. My goal was to create a fun project using only the simplest stitches, and I think Oodles fits the bill.

Photos copyright Sue Perez

Just three stitches - chain, single crochet, and double crochet - are combined in back-loop only and front-loop only rows for delicate texture and maximum impact. At one end, the scarf narrows before bursting into a flurry of Ood-like tendrils; at the other end is a "wormhole" through which the tendrils may be threaded to take the scarf from flat to infinity.

Threading the tendrils through the "wormhole"....
Photo copyright Interweave Crochet/Harper Point Photography.
Used with permission.

What else can you find in Crochetscene 2015? Let's ask Marcy Smith, the editor: "Here’s a quick overview of the features in this issue, designed to empower newbie crocheters and engage advanced crocheters: Get Your Geek On features innovative designs that embrace our inner nerds. Fresh Takes has wonderfully stylish projects to wear anywhere. Siren Song is our oooh-la-la section, with lacy delights that maybe you can’t wear just anywhere. For when there’s a nip in the air, we have a range of accessories in Another Layer. Our DIY Bag feature has instructions for mesh bags in several sizes. And just for fun, we have a non-crochet Yarn Play section."

Click here to see all the fun projects in Crochetscene 2015.

Copyright Interweave Crochet/Harper Point Photography. Used with permission.


What are you crocheting (or knitting or weaving or beading) these days?

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  1. Very cool! Congrats!

  2. Love your oodles scarf - very nice. I'm crocheting a shawl from Simply Crochet magazine as well as putting the finishing touches to a big blanket and working on 2 other blankets! Not all at the same time though.

  3. Congratulations once again! This is a really cool project! I love those tendrils!

  4. Oops, lost my first comment. Your oodles scarf is a beauty. I really do love it...and the color is so lovely.
    I am knitting three sharfs as I call them..combination of scarf and shawl. Three at a time is a bit crazy, but I like change and variety.
    xox, AKA WB.

  5. The scarf is so pretty. Love the lavender. I could see it worked up in a dark dark purple or green too

  6. Wow! It's crazy that you can achieve such an interesting texture with just some simple stitches. I love the alternating ribs and background spaciness. And the tendrils. The tendrils!

  7. Oh I think that scarf is amazing. My granddaughter would love it. Congratulations on having your pattern printed. That is my very favorite color too!

  8. It's fantastic, well done you, you should be very proud of being in the magazine again. CJ xx

  9. Ah! A really fun scarf. I love all the little oodle-y ends. It is so cool that you have published patterns. I would NEVER know how to even begin to create a pattern and really admire those of you who do.

  10. I don't know when I've ever been as impressed with a project as this one. You put the simplest stitches together to create magic. Fantastic!!!

  11. OH!! I love this! And you are a girl after my heart just using those stitches!! LOVE IT!
    What have I done lately? I made a solid white kitchen towel to go with a wedding gift (a set of frying pans).
    And the thing that brought the most joy...I made a baby headband, it is for an infant and it was a small silver flower headband AND I saw on my husband's Facebook, a photo of the baby wearing it...not just a photo, but a PROFESSIONAL portrait made of the baby wearing it! YAY!!1

  12. Your oodles scarf looks beautiful. Unfortunately I don't know if it is possible to get this magazine here in Germany. I am currently crocheting a Japanese flower scarf with 9 different colours. It is a fun project. Viola


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