Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Bright October Ride

Sunday was a day left over from summer, kept in hiding by Autumn and brought out to surprise us when we least expected it.

~ ~ ~

It's tantalisingly warm (hot, actually), with a strong South wind. Scarlet banners of sumac flutter and dance in the bright sunshine:

Most of the flowers are gone, but here and there a few still bloom. Queen Anne's Lace glows against a background of Virginia creeper, like a marriage of summer and fall:

I pass a flourishing patch of Butter-and-Eggs (yellow toadflax) looking strangely springlike:

Behind the flowers are a field of dry corn and some picturesque barns and silos:

I'm hoping for some autumn colour today, and here's my first glimpse of it - on the left, a maple just bursting into flame; on the right, an oak tree sparkling with colour as the first tints of fall mingle with the green:

My destination today is a favourite wood, a magical place where the trees are deep and the silence deeper, punctuated only by the occasional calls of birds I don't hear anywhere else.

The road curves around a stand of pines sending out waves of spice-scented breath; beyond the curve is a place of wonder and beauty. In summer it's a cool green tunnel, roofed and shadowed by overarching trees, but today it's dappled with rainbow light dancing through the changing maple leaves.

After a mile's gentle climb, the trees open up to show a sky glowing blue above golden birch and bronze oak:

This is my turnaround point; now I get to enjoy the astonishing beauty again, from the other direction.

October in Wisconsin is a good place to be. :)

A few miles on, I pass a field of cattle, black and white. Some graze with concentration, keeping their heads in the grass, but others stare as I take their photo:

(In fact I think the one on the right is saying "hello".)

My road winds through field and wood, with here and there a torch of maple burning above the still-green undergrowth:

The sun is dropping quickly in the west as my shadow races me home.

When did the days become so short? Not long ago we had nine o'clock sunsets, and now it's dark by seven. In a few weeks more, the clocks will change, and Central Daylight Time will become Crochet in the Evening Time. (There are compensations to cold weather, after all.)

How's your weather? Are you enjoying the changing season?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. We had one day of deluge rain and then ::poof:: back to summer like sunshine and temps. Oregon has gone nuts on us. Loved your colorful leaves and pretty flowers. Yep.. the dark evenings shall indeed bring on more crochet time. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Your autumn pictures are just beautiful. I especially like the cows though. They seemed quite interested in what you're doing. It's getting dark here by 615 in the evening. As soon as daylight savings time changes will be dark about 330 in the afternoon. I think that's why I don't like winter very much. Too much darkness. Have a wonderful week my friend.

  3. Ah, those glorious autumn colours in the sunshine, exquisite. I know what you mean about the nights drawing in quickly all of a sudden. It can't be more than a couple of weeks until the clocks go back here. I love the photo of the Queen Anne's Lace, it's gorgeous. CJ xx

  4. Our weather is dark and gloomy but then it usually is, but shining out from the gloom the tree's are beginning to glow with beautiful Autumn colour, I'm hoping to capture some of it at the weekend. Your photo's are amazing. :) xx

  5. Isn't October's glow just magnificent? What a gorgeous ride. I love that tree lined road. It is getting close to that time when I panic thinking I am late in starting dinner..only to see that the clock tells me it's only 3:30.

  6. What beautiful colors, love the shadow picture. Don't be fooled by the cows looking so innocent, they're devious and are always plotting.

  7. Autumn is slow to get going here, apart from my Amelancheirs whose leaves turned red a few weeks ago and are now almost all dropped. There is some colour, but not very much, elsewhere.

  8. Such delightful pictures. I am lost in thought now at all the lovely places you have taken us. Thank you. :) Oh it's always nice to crochet in the evenings...mornings...noon...well, you know...anytime. :)

  9. I am finally accepting the fall and earlier sunsets. I must embrace it
    Your flowers are so beautifully photographed. Hoping for some cycling days here soon

  10. I love your photos, they're just beautiful and so full of color. I'd never known before that those flowers were called Butter and Eggs. That's such a perfect name for them. I always learn something when I visit you. It was hot here on Sunday too, and has stayed hot all week, but there is a big storm coming in tonight and it's supposed to cool down drastically. I'm hoping we don't go back to abnormal heat, I'm pretty much over it at this point. I hope your weather is pleasant and that you're having a good week.

  11. It looks as though autumn is beautiful in your part of the world! It is getting cooler here every day it seems and the nights are drawing in too, in fact it is already crochet in the evening time here! xx

  12. I believe it's snowing at home. But here, in Toronto, we had coffee outside in the shadow of the skyskrapers today. :-)

  13. Beautiful autumn in your neck of the woods!

    Where on earth did this year go!?! But like you, I am very much looking forward to more quiet craft time!

  14. I was thinking the other night I might go for a walk around eight--but I was surprised to find it dark already. How did that happen?

  15. Nice shots!

    We're having a pretty good autumn for color. Most of the leaves in the high country are gone. However, color change in town is picking up steam.

  16. October in Wisconsin is gorgeous and I miss it.

  17. Love this post, Sue! What a glorious ride through colorful leaves. And that biking shadow! Wow!

  18. Such beautiful early autumn colour, stunning! It must make for a very enjoyable ride :o)


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