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Five-Star Motif ~ a Free Crochet Pattern with Chart

To all the crafters busy making last-minute gifts, here's a last-minute pattern for you: a super-quick, super-fun motif I call "Five-Star".

In fact it's five free patterns in one! Five-Star's 5 rounds offer something for every mood. Tiny or large? Simple or lacy? You can stop after any round for the size and style you like best.

Five rounds, five styles

Use these adorable crochet twinklers as gift tags, ornaments, starry bunting, coasters, or combine them to make a doily or wind-catcher:

Some suggested arrangements

Oddball Crochet Techniques featured in this pattern:
Sc Magic Ring (see instructions below)
Slipped Slip Join (see pattern for instructions)
Invisible Join (click here for tutorial)

Size: You decide! This pattern works with any weight yarn.

Suggested Yarns: For ornaments to be stiffened, 100% cotton is recommended. For tabletop decoration, any yarn that suits your fancy.

Yarns I Used:
Red Heart Fashion Crochet Thread, Size 3 (white)
Planet Penny Cotton Club Colours, DK weight (mauve)
Lion Brand Homespun (red)

How Did the Yarns Behave? Very well. They've obviously been properly brought up.

Hook Size:
D-3/3.25mm (white stars)
F-5/3.75mm (mauve star)
I-9/5.5mm (red star)

Notions: Scissors, small hook for making invisible joins. For stiffening: rust-proof pins, piece of cardboard covered with plastic or foil, small bowl, water, white glue OR Epsom salts, small paintbrush (if using glue), glitter (optional).

All crochet terminology is American.

Dk on the left, worsted weight on the right

Five-Star Chart

Five-Star Pattern (with a few helpful photos)


  • Stars are worked RS facing at all times.
  • Sc Magic Ring makes a very tiny "ring" - you may need to grasp it with your fingernails while working the first few star points. You can also work a regular magic ring if you like.
  • After working 2 or 3 star points in Round 1, catch the tail of the Sc magic ring and work over it for extra security.
  • Pay careful attention to round join instructions; most joins are made in the stitch just above or after first stitch of round.

Special Terms Used:

Edc: Extended double crochet

Picot: Chain 3; without turning work, insert hook front to back through top of stitch below ch-3, make slip stitch.

Sc Magic Ring: With tip of yarn pointing towards tip of hook, loosely yarn under 3 times; bring yarn end down and in front of working yarn (3 loops now on hook); grasping first 2 loops, yo and draw through 2 loops (magic ring made); yo and draw through both lps on hook (sc made).

To start: Make Sc Magic Ring (see instructions above) OR [make a regular magic ring, ch 1, sc].

Round 1 (RS):
*Ch 3, insert hook from front to back through back bump of 3rd ch from hook, pull up a loop,
insert hook into ring, pull up a loop (3 loops now on hook),
yo and draw through all loops on hook. (This is a form of linked hdc.)
Repeat from * 3 times - your star should now have 4 points.
If continuing past Round 1: Ch 3, insert hook from front to back through back bump of 3rd ch from hook, pull up a loop, yo and draw through all loops on hook.
Drop loop from hook, insert hook WS to RS through first chain above sc, place loop back on hook, pull loop through (this is called a Slipped Slip join, by the way);
ch 1, drop loop again, insert hook RS to WS through ch-3 sp, pick up loop and pull it to the front.
If stopping at Round 1: Ch 3, slip stitch in back bump of 3rd ch from hook, invisible join to first chain above sc.

Round 1

Round 2:
*Ch 6, sl st in next ch-3 space (at tip of next point). Note: The ch-3 space is tight - be careful to insert your hook in the right space.
Repeat from * 3 times;
If continuing past Round 2: Ch 3, dc in first ch of first ch-6.
If stopping at Round 2: Ch 5, invisible join to first sl st.

Round 3:
Ch 2, dc in same space, hdc in same space;
[hdc, 2 dc, chain 5, 2 dc, hdc] in each of next 3 chain spaces;
[hdc, 2 dc] in next chain space.
If continuing past Round 3: Chain 4, sc in first dc of round.
If stopping at Round 3: Chain 5, invisible join to first dc of round.

Round 4:

Sc in same chain space;
*chain 3, sc in space between hdcs,
chain 3, sc in next chain space,
[chain 3, sc, chain 5, sc, chain 3, sc in same chain space].
Repeat from * 4 times, stopping after final (chain-5, sc).
If continuing past Round 4: Dc in sc (counts as final chain-3).
If stopping at Round 4: Chain 3, invisible join to first chain past sc.

Round 5:
Ch 2, 2 dc in same space;
*chain 1, dc2tog in next 2 ch-3 spaces, chain 1,
[3 dc in next ch-3 space, chain 3, edc in ch-5 space, make picot, chain 3, 3 dc in next ch-3 space].
Repeat from * 4 times, stopping after final picot;
chain 3, invisible join to first dc.

Stiffening Your Stars:

Here are the best instructions I've seen, courtesy of my buddy Snowcatcher, aka the Queen of Crochet Snowflakes (hi, Deb!). Words in brackets have been added by [me]:

"Tape wax paper or plastic wrap [or foil] to top of empty pizza box [you can also use foamboard, a shoebox or box lid, or a piece of corrugated cardboard]. Pin [star] to box on top of wax paper or plastic wrap. Mix a few drops of water with a teaspoon of glue in small washable container. Paint snowflake with glue mixture or desired stiffener. Sprinkle lightly with glitter. Wash paintbrush and container thoroughly. Allow snowflake to dry at least 24 hours. Remove pins. Gently peel snowflake from wax paper or plastic wrap."

I stiffened my white stars (above) by immersing them in an Epsom salts solution (1/4 cup boiling water and 1/4 cup Epsom salts made more than enough solution for 5 stars), wringing them out, and pinning or shaping by hand. Epsom salts solution dries very quickly, which is a plus for last-minute crafters like me. :)

I've also had good luck in the past with watered-down white glue and a paintbrush.

For more stiffening options, see this very helpful site:

For an in-depth review of several stiffening methods, see this invaluable post by Snowcatcher:

~ ~ ~

You may do whatever you like with the items you make from this pattern, but you may not sell the pattern or reproduce the text without permission. (Links are always welcome.) If you make these for sale, please credit the designer.

If you have any questions about this pattern, or find any mistakes (it happens all the time), don't be shy: ask or tell in the comment box below, or contact me in Ravelry (where I'm MrsMicawber).

Thanks for viewing, and happy crocheting!

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