Thursday, April 26, 2018

About Time Too!

Which, if you ponder it, is a meaningless phrase - rather like "now then" and "there, there".

Pardon the digression - the spring sunshine has gone to my head. Let us begin anew.


About Time Too!

I can't tell you what a relief it is that the snow has FINALLY stopped.

Last Thursday morning vs this Thursday morning:

Sure, the snow is beautiful. But what I really want to see in April is less of this:

Maybe spring is down here somewhere....

And more of this:

Take me to your omelette!

At last the longed-for change has come; you can feel it in the air and see it in the sky, and hear it in the collective sigh of relief wafting from the mouths of the long-suffering populace. Flocks of geese are once more on the move; formerly-reluctant trees are budding out with a vengeance, and grass is getting greener by the day. Thank God!


Migrating pelicans visited the local lake this week:

The first wildflower has been spotted (quite by accident, while I was taking pelican photos at the park):

Even the moon looks glad:

And this pile o' (somewhat grubby) white?

 Like winter, it will soon be a distant memory.


To make the cup of happiness full, there's even been a bit of this going on (in shorts no less!):

Tallulah and I headed out Sunday afternoon to gloat over the fast-melting snow and enjoy the spring sun.

When the swish of tyres mingles with blackbird song, all is well with the world.

These horses too were enjoying the sun, in their various ways:

One standing, one napping

We rode up hill and down...


...then up again.

We saw old barns on the prairie:

And passed our favourite willowy bend:

It was glorious.


How is Spring (or Fall) treating you?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. I agree on all counts! We have the screen porch door from the kitchen open a bit and the cats are going in and out as am I. Some clematis have made it! I want our trees and bushes to leaf out. Theirbarren limbs need to cheer on the change to warmth. Nice biking. Fireman is out on his right now and i know it makes him happy

  2. Oh I can't believe all the cold and snow for you! And you are such an Anglophile, you say tyres! LOL! We have some hot days and then, it gets cool again. Crazy spring this year. Take care!

  3. We've had days of sun with windows open and then days of rain and cold needing the heat on. I think, with fingers crossed, we might be finally getting into Spring. I always love your cycling posts. You and Tallulah be safe and have a great Spring.

  4. Amen!! Finally here--maybe I'll be done hibernating soon.

  5. The snow is gone so that's supposed to mean that spring is here, but it is unseasonably cold! Glad it has arrived for you!

  6. So glad to hear that you can get out on your bike again and that spring is definitely on its way! Our was much later too, but the beauty of it is all around us now! I recently went to a glorious Tulip Festival not far from me and took hundreds of photos!

  7. Yay for a bike ride and more encouraging signs of Spring, Sue. Thanks for posting! xx

  8. Oh how I loved riding along with you up and down those hills! Spring joy oozes from this blog post. Love it! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Around here we are complaining that old man winter is still sneaking his last cold breaths into the breeze, but it is NOTHING like where you are of course!!! Come on, Spring!

  10. I thought that we were having a real Spring but it has turned cool again.

    Lovely to see your pictures of the real 'outdoors'. We went to Scotland and took some sunshine with us, it was such a good break.

  11. This is our first northern spring in over 35 years and I'm quite liking it. It's been a roller coaster of temperatures, but I LOVE IT! It is GLORIOUS!

    Stay tuned --- we've been getting out on OUR bikes too.

  12. I'm behind, as usual, but only in blog reading. It's good both of us are able to start getting out there! The bikes needed some action and miles! How wonderful your country roads must be!


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