Monday, October 8, 2018

One Sunny Day

Maybe it's my state of mind, but it seems that since we got back from California there's been nothing but rain: heavy rain, light rain, misty rain, blowing rain, soft rain, hard rain, unrelenting drizzly rain. Days upon days upon days of it.

I really ought not to complain; my herbs are astonishingly lush and thriving, and our single monster tomato plant, which should be winding down at this time of year, has taken fresh courage and grown another couple of feet.

But dang, it's October. We should be enjoying sparkling days and crisp nights, marvelling at the astonishing blueness of autumn skies, sniffing the winy air to catch whiffs of bonfires. Instead, we've been wrangling umbrellas and living under a damp blanket of cloud.

Except for last Thursday.


Last Thursday was a textbook fall day, with all the sparkle and crispness anyone could desire, and -  lucky me - I was free to take a ride under the (temporarily) glorious October skies.

Maples were just beginning to kindle their autumn torches:

Mushrooms grew by the side of the road:

A local lake rivalled the sky for blueness:

The beguiling road wound uphill and down, while trees smiled benignly on either side:

And a tiny unnamed waterway lay like a sheet of silk under a canopy of fleecy white cloud:

One sunny day. One glorious, north-wind-blowing, blue-sky-blazing, autumn-tinted day. It was wonderful while it lasted.

The next day we were back to this:

And here's our forecast for the next few days:


~ ~ ~

In other news, my favourite home-state baseball team will be playing my favourite adopted-state team for the National League championship. It's a win-win situation! :D

Are you a baseball fan? If so, who are you rooting for in the postseason?

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  1. The dew on the blades of grass is pretty too, but I'm ready for some sunny crisp days too. We've had rain, rain, and more rain.

    Well, MY baseball team is out of it. So, I guess I'll root, root, root for the Yankees.

  2. Great photos.
    So glad that Milwaukee beat Colorado, I'm pulling for them.

  3. I so love your blog. Thank you so much for this lovely adventure. We are a balmy 80 something today, but there are whispers that we will fall into the 60's later this week, maybe even 50's....Yay. I love Fall. Hope you have a lovely day sweet friend. :)

  4. I hear you. Ive resolved today to not let my worries over bad cloudy cold weather get to me. Ive made it through 57 winters and I'll make it through another! There will be plenty of good days. Im rooting for the BREWERS!

  5. We've had a long drought and almost lost many of our ancient Rhodies and Azaleas - so your rain sounds good to me. But at long last we have rain.. just in time for our sailing trip yesterday. :-) Your one day looked glorious!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Lovely photos as always! (Even if you had to work to get them in between the rain.)
    I WAS rooting for the Atlanta Braves but they lost last night to the Dodgers. Been fun watching them this year, so many of them are so young...some call them the BABY Braves..hee hee.
    Georgia is gearing up to get the rain from Hurricane Michael. Will it swing through south Georgia like they say? We will see!

  7. Can you pack up some of that rain and send it to Southern California? We sure could use it!

  8. Hi there! There is this one baseball team. The Wil Devils. And two of the players happen to be friends of mine. I like to watch football in a sports bar, but as I am in North Amerika every fifth year for a short time, there aren‘t many opportunities. My favourite team are the Toronto Blue Jays. Let‘s hope the rain is stopping for some time that you can enjoy fall. I‘m in Genua, Italy, where it‘s still summer. Regula

  9. Shame, I feel sorry for you. We had a beautiful day yessterday and today and temps of 23C!

  10. Loved your One Sunny Day photos and would like a little of your rain to fall here...we are still playing catch up after our dry season...and Mt. Hood has hardly any snow left on it! Your pattern/give away is lovely! Thanks for posting Sue. Last night I posted some photos from my trip to CA last week. My Massachusetts family are great Red Sox fans so I am partial to them, too :) xx

  11. Gosh, more beautiful autumn color, and just when I needed it! I wish we lived closer so we could go out shooting together!

    I hope you and Mr. M. are getting back into the swing of things and that the days grow easier.


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