Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Brave New World

So ... how's it going where you live? Is there anybody reading this who hasn't been quarantined, isolated, told to stay home, or otherwise encouraged to practice social distancing? Who isn't reeling at the suddenness with which our entire world can change?

I'm currently jobless (bead stores being considered non-essential under Wisconsin's Safer at Home order), and trying to use the unexpected free time to finish my book. Mr. M is still able to work some hours, so we're not completely bereft of income. We are also, by the grace of God, healthy, able to get groceries, and free to exercise in public. We have much to be thankful for.

Being an introvert, I don't mind staying home - in other circumstances I would be loving it. My biggest frustration has been the inability to see my dad, because his assisted living facility is locked down. It's hard to know that if he gets sick, or needs help, I can't get to him. I feel for all the families who have been separated, in one way or another, by this virus.


In other news, Interweave YarnFest (where I was due to teach in May) has been rescheduled for August 28-31. I hope and pray that the world will be in better shape by then.


And now, an attempt at "normal" blog content....

March began with a day or two of pleasantly warm weather, and the early return of the wild geese and the sandhill cranes. When the songbirds followed soon after, I thought we might be in for an early spring, but no such luck. The rest of the month was cold and snowy and rainy and damp, with only a few sunny days to punctuate the gloom.

I've taken three rides this month (all sunny), and several walks (all cloudy). Given the grim news that surrounds us all, I think I'll post only the sunny photos here.

Sunday, March 1

Snow still lines the roads and covers the fields, but the temperature is in the low 50s, and I can see my shadow!

Streams are no longer frozen over...

...but stubborn ice still grips their banks:

I'm not the only one enjoying the open road:

Sunday, March 8

A week later, the temperatures actually reach 60. Time for another Sunday ride!

The air is filled with the honking of geese, the fluting of sandhill cranes, and the sweet song of red-winged blackbirds - the soundtrack of Spring.

Iris the bike leans against a bridge railing while I rejoice over the open water:

Many fields are now entirely (if temporarily) clear of snow:

Tallulah happily hums "On the Road Again":

As we make our way home, a pale full moon floats over the dreaming trees:

After that ride, March suddenly remembered that winter wasn't over yet, and withdrew into a fit of cold sulks for the next three weeks. The weather seemed determined to be as gloomy as the news. But on...

Monday, March 30

...the sullen clouds receded, the sun shone down brightly from a deep blue sky, and the mercury, exhilarated by the unexpected warmth, jumped up into the 50s. I cast off the cares of book editing, and took off with Tallulah for an afternoon ride.

("Why do all my pictures look exactly alike?" asks Tallulah. "Couldn't say," I reply.)

A cold north wind is gusting, but we don't care. We tool about the countryside, enjoying the sound of frogs in the ponds, seeing wild duck, wild geese, wild turkeys, and, best of all, a great blue heron that rises majestically from a marsh and sweeps slowly out of view.

We pass favourite bends in the road:

See lambs in the sheepfold:

And say hello to favourite trees:

We climb up to the high prairie, past greening banks and champagne-colored fields, silvery silos and cherry-red barns:

Then we swoop downhill to see a pasture full of cattle, with adorable baby calves curled up in the grass:

The biting wind lifts my jacket into a hunchback as I take a selfie:

A few miles later we're home, full of fresh air, and cheered by the sights and sounds of nature.


Today the weather has turned bitterly damp and chill, but the grass continues to grow, and the birds to sing. I feel very blessed to be able to take walks and rides, especially now, when so many people are unable, or not allowed, to exercise freely.

May God send more sunny days, warm friendly weather, and renewed health to our beleaguered planet.

Stay safe, my friends.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. We've had snow again, too. Grrrrr! As soon as the north wind soothes, spring will be back. This is all I need because I can tend my garden. Nothing has really changed here in the sticks. However, I cannot hop over to my neighbour for a chat. So hopefully it will get warmer soon so we can talk over the fence. :-) Distant teaching is a big challenge, but we are on vacation for two weeks now. Hopefully, this craziness fades with the warmer temperature and than we can collect the pieces. I am sorry to hear that you are out of work ... The economy is going to suffer, that's for sure. :-( Enjoying the little things may work, counting the blessings. Take care! Regula

  2. You're off on your bike rides again which is lovely!Beautiful skies and adorable byby farm animals! I especially like the scene of the pale full moon and your happy self portrait at the end!
    Stay safe, Sue!

  3. I sure do enjoy going along on your bike rides. You're very talented to get photos of your shadow and a selfie while whizzing down the road! Do you ever have cars pass you by? I'm so impressed you're writing a book! I'm just taking each day as it comes. Trying to accomplish some things along the way. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I'm glad you got some cycling in. So rejuvenating!

  5. Sue, you nailed it. March ended so cloud and cold. We had those many days of a row that were just such gloom. The past two days have had SUNSHINE for us! Fireman and I rode our bikes today and our vistas were a lot like yours. But I was in too low a gear for a hill and then I jumped my chain. Fireman will fix it tomorrow ! I love the electric assist bike.

  6. Thank you for posting and sharing your corner of the world with us. It's been awhile, and I had been thinking about you and hoping you were okay. Western New York is a bit ahead of Wisconsin - the forsythia should be blooming within a week, and that will make it feel like Spring is really here.

  7. So glad you are able to get out on your bike! We've been doing it after I get off work (working from home now, of course) when the weather is nice. I should snap more landscape photos like you, but Lizard's still trying to build mileage, and up to 7 miles now. With four new inches last night, we won't get to ride today. :)

    Hope the book is making progress and that you will be able to find work again when this is all over. In a selfish way, I'm thankful you aren't an essential worker at your old job...

  8. I am glad to see that you are okay. It has been quite a weird world of late, hasn't it? Some weeks ago I was with a friend out in the woods and we heard a sound overhead. "Sandhill cranes," he said. I was so excited! That was a new one for me! Keep well!

  9. I am first in line to buy that book of your Sue, I can't wait. So sorry you can't see you Dad, this is all so awful, but like you we are healthy and can make it through this. stay safe.

  10. Another lovely post Sue. Your words are always reassuring and thoughtful.

  11. Sue, it is a boon to savor this post just now. I am so sorry about your not being able to visit your dad, and the loss of your job, but thankful your book is in the making and you have made it out in the fresh air in your beautiful countryside. Thanks so much for sharing your rides and Tallulah's observations :) I just posted that I was not able to visit my uncle to help him celebrate his hundredth birthday March 20, 2020 due to the pandemic, but I am grateful to be well, and provided for, and able to appreciate the beauty around me. May the Lord bless you and yours. xx

  12. Hello Sue,
    I see that you have not written on your blog for a while so I just want you to know that I am thinking about you and hope you are well. I see that you have not been working but are staying at home, but I hope you have been able to get out on your bike and exercise. Please do be careful and stay safe!
    Love, Kay

  13. Sue, I found some pretty blue flowers, that appear to be weeds near the mailbox today. I'll post a photo tomorrow. Im sure you will know what it is! Id love to know


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