Monday, July 24, 2023

Not a Feature, but a Bug

(Warning: insect photos ahead.)

Over the years I've found that photographing wildflowers also means photographing bugs. (And spiders and bees, but for brevity's sake I'll use the collective term "bugs".)

Sometimes it's intentional:

Bee on blue vervain

But usually it's not. Often I don't even notice the bug until I'm editing photos on my computer screen at home:

Orange milkweed with unsuspected ant

Wild bergamot with hidden bee (I hope it's just napping)

Sometimes it's a combination of the two:

Bee on swamp milkweed with bonus white spider lurking in the blossoms

And occasionally I hit the mother lode:

Rudbeckia with very long-legged spider that
disappeared just after I snapped this photo

I used to be scared of bugs and spiders and bees, but after years of close encounters like these, I've learned that most of them simply aren't interested in me. They just want to get on with their buggy lives, and if I leave them alone, they'll generally leave me alone. (Mosquitoes and deerflies and ticks, however, are always worth avoiding. And I've learned not to weed near a ground wasps' nest.)

How do you feel about bugs?

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  1. I find them most interesting. I am not afraid of spider. When ever there is one in my sink, I grab it, ooen the window and put it outside. In Spain we saw hundreds of cocroaches one morning coming from the sewer. That was uglyyyyyy! But as you are saying, they were not interested in us.
    Have a nice day!

    1. When I find spiders or bugs in the house, I catch them in a cup or on a piece of paper and put them outside. It seems like the kindest thing to do.

      That's an interesting story about the cockroaches!

  2. I love to photo my plants or plants in other gardens. I always feel that if I get an insect/bug in the photo all the better! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Sherri! It does feel like a bonus to get a bug in a flower photo.

  3. Insects are part of nature. I must admit though I struggle to understand the point of mosquitoes. Blood sucking horrid things that they are! For years, they left me alone but now, I must be getting sweeter in my old age. LOL.

    1. I wonder what mosquitoes lived on before the Fall? One of those great mysteries. I too am a mosquito magnet; have been all my adult life. One of the advantages of our current very dry summer is a lack of the little buggers!

  4. A good selection of creatures. I feel kindly towards insects except for midges.

  5. This has also happened to me. When taking a picture of tomatoes the other day, I saw in my photo that the tomato leaves in the background had been eaten. Ah ha! Must have been a worm somewhere. I couldn't find him. Maybe the birds got him first.
    I always love that you name your flowers. And the pictures raise my spirit.

    1. Thank you! Isn't it amazing how much the camera reveals - all those details we don't notice at the time.


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