Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rainy Days

We've had a long week of rain and thunder and gloomy grey skies, with the sun making only a few brief appearances. Cycling has been kept to a minimum - but on Sunday we took a walk in the rain, to explore a little trail I'd noticed on my training rides.

The trail starts here, at a small, rain-dappled, tussocky marsh:

Blackbirds sing from bare trees, while keeping a friendly eye on visitors:

Under our feet, the gravel trail is dotted with these brilliantly-coloured plants:

We see Canada anemone...

...and giant lamb's ear...

...and a mysterious tree with cascades of tiny, bridal-looking blossom:

A black walnut tree is covered with fresh young leaves...

...and bright green catkins:

At the end of the trail, tiny Charlie-Brown style pine trees are sprouting long buds:

As I finish writing this post, dark clouds are looming up from the south and west - another storm is headed our way. Time to hit the "Publish" button and unplug the computer! (I'm way behind on visiting you all, but blog reading will have to wait until the storm has passed.)

How has your weather been?

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  1. I love those anemone! We've been having lots of rain too, though yesterday the sun came in all for the second half of the day and I went walking with a friend. It sounds as if you didn't let the rain put you off your lovely walk! Good for you!

  2. Yea... agree with Marigold - don't ask :) But...opposite to your cloudy, wet weather we have a all day long sunshine, and temperature up to +45C. I think we shall divide this digit into 2 and will make a perfect weather for all of us :)

  3. Hope the storm has come and gone without any trouble. Juliex

  4. The black walnut tree with its new leaves looks pretty. Hope the storm wasn't too wild!

  5. Wet here too! And it seems to have been true for many places this last week. I do hope this isn't summer!

  6. PS I like your new header photo.

  7. Beautiful pictures Sue. Well we actually had sunshine at the weekend but everything is back to normal now with grey cloudy skies and we are also shrouded in mist just to complete the picture of gloom. On the bright side we have been promised sunshine for the weekend..I live in hope! xx

  8. The weather over here is the same... Cold, rainy, windy. Blegh.
    I like your pictures, it is often easy to forget that the rain brings so much life when we are desperate for some sunshine!
    Have a great Day!

  9. Nice pictures. Our weather has been like yours. Lots of rain, grey skies, and seems like a thunderstorm every night. Here's hoping for a little sunshine.

  10. -happy sigh- I can enjoy your blooms pic, without getting pollen in my nose. Grin and always love pics of rain drops on anything. :-)

  11. We've had cooler weather than usual for May and I'm definitely not complaining, it's in the 80's, but not the 90's. We could use some rain we're having to water the garden each day.

  12. How beautiful even amidst the rain drops. The skies shall clear and the sun will shine and you and Tallulah will be back on the bike...
    Susan x

  13. I always love your pictures, they make me smile. :)

    I am sending you some sunshine and hope the rain goes away for a while so you can get out there and ride.

    Blessings always dear friend.

  14. Oh, don't let me talk about the weather. It has been awful since last November (scarcely interrupted by ONE sunny day now and then. Oh Susan, it's been the longest and ugliest winter of my life. But there is still hope that after the heavy rainfall of the next two days there will be a change. ;-)

  15. Just wait until you see how far behind I get in the next few days... :)

    We've had a few rainy days here, thank God, literally! Rain is better than smoke...

    But best wishes for the return of riding weather...

  16. I would love some rain. We are hot, hot ,hot and humid. I want Spring to return.
    Hugs to you,

  17. I love your bridal wreath description. Its pouring here right now with storms....It was a great day to nap

  18. Our weather is changeful 'if you don't like the weather here, don't worry it'll be different in ten minutes'. We've had some glorious days next to some cold rainy rhyme or reason. Last week we had a hail storm of quite frankly biblical proportions, made everyone stop in their tracks, within a few minutes it had finished but the roads were all flooded...really very odd I can tell you!

    Middle's birthday is this weekend, not sure to plan his tea party al fresco or not...

  19. We are finally having some sun today and it is supposed to get warmer and warmer. My son is actually cutting hay today, husband is up north at a baseball tournament...all good pursuits on a sunny day.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  20. Rain. How lovely. As long as it's not a raging storm. Here it is just hot. A bit hazy with dust that is high in the sky. Luckily, we've had mostly blue skies of late. I'm still walking which I love! Hope you have a great weekend. Tammy

  21. Over here in Yorkshire it was blue skies a minute ago, now clouds are moving in, yesterday was WARM yes warm, why can't we have consecutive days of that?? Too much rain and grey.

  22. Hey Sue, love the marsh pic, looks like an interesting place to explore......
    Interesting reading about the weather everyone is experiencing.
    The first day of Winter here and it's very wet, which is great, it's been a while coming so no complaints.
    Heater cranking, checking out crochet patterns for wrist warmers and stew and herb dumplings for dinner.
    Love it....

    Claire x

  23. I love your new header! Also--I am about to take the kale plunge. I bought some yesterday to try with your recipe.


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