Monday, February 17, 2014

A Snowy Walk

It's a bright Sunday afternoon in February, with several inches of fresh powder on an already deep snow base. The temp is 22º, and a biting east wind is blowing as Tallulah and I set out for a stroll.

Fluffy down is drifting through the air from the cattails at the edge of the marsh:

We leave the road and head for the prairie restoration project. Once on the path, I find that the snow is much deeper than I thought; soon my boots are full of it.

At the edge of the prairie restoration project grow some of my favourite grasses, with fine golden seed heads above...

...and curling leaves below.

The trail continues snowy. Every step is hard work, and I mentally kick myself for not putting on wool socks (which stay warm even when wet). I remind myself that I'm getting good exercise. I tell myself that walking this slowly encourages me to live in the moment and notice things I might not otherwise notice - like this tree, the dry leaves of which are clicking like castanets in the wind:

Tallulah climbs up on one of the twigs, hoping to catch a glimpse of spring:

"Can you see it?" I ask.

"Not yet," she says.

A little farther on, we strike the snowmobile trail. What a relief to be walking on packed snow!

We pass a sign that causes my spelling hackles to rise...

...but keep going straight down the trail, which eventually leaves the prairie restoration project and heads out into the country.

We reach a favourite line of pines:

Then the trail turns right and dips through the edge of the woods:

Out the other side, as we turn off the trail proper, a snowmobile roars out of the woods behind us and zips around the corner.

We decide to head back towards town, following the track of a renegade snowmobiler who has crossed the field before us (ignoring all the signs adjuring snowmobiles to stay on the trail).

Tallulah decides to take a closer look at the track...

...and gets a face full of snow.

Nothing daunted, she looks down the track and exclaims, "This would be great for turtle luge!"

(Personally I think turtles are better suited to skeleton, but I keep this thought to myself.)

Portrait of a Snow Turtle:

We cross the field and arrive back at the path that circles the prairie restoration project. Here the snowdrifts are three feet deep (ask me how I know!):

We flounder through the drifts, then down the deep-snowed path, and eventually reach again the blessedly packed snowmobile trail, which we follow all the way back to town (being passed by several snowmobiles on the way).

A strenuous snowy walk on a beautiful winter's day.

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What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of snow. Beautiful photos, it's dazzling. I can't imagine snow over the tops of boots! Glad you had such a lovely walk.

  2. Hello Sue, I am so happy to see Tallulah again, she is delightful, and having a lovely snowy outing with you, into the bargain! I have really enjoyed this, thank you so much! Hugs, Joy x

  3. Ah, beautiful! That's what I'm missing this year - cold, crisp, bright snowy weather. I'm sure you'll be getting fed up with three foot drifts, but we've only had the odd light snowfall that doesn't last more than a day, and it's all so grey. Never mind, I'll just keep coming back to look at your seedheads photo!

  4. Hello Sue, I see that Tallulah has got a new outfit. I am sure you both enjoyed the walk.. Come on Spring. Hugs Judy

  5. Your photos are always so lovely...I can see the easily on greeting cards they are so pretty.

    Awww little Miss T out and about tin the snow...too cute.

    Thank you for taking us with you on your walk. :)

  6. Skeleton...too funny! Hmmmm...maybe they were taking a break from their fest? Made me chuckle.

  7. I really enjoyed this post. Your photos are beautiful and with the descriptions, I feel like I was there too.

  8. A gorgeous walk, Sue! I loved Tallulah's antics. If I had wet and cold feet, I'd be running for that pancake breakfast, bad spelling or not! LOL The composition in the picture of the road through the woods in the 8th photo is awesome! Have a good one!

  9. poor turtle baby Talulah. She must have been frozen even if she is crocheted! lovely images

  10. Beautiful photo's Sue but it does look cold, it looks like Tallulah enjoyed herself. :)

  11. Turtle luge! LOL That Tallulah is always thinking.
    Beautiful pictures. I am afraid that I would have turned back when my feet got wet.

  12. Following your instructions, Sue, : How do you know the snowdrift is 3 feet deep? :) Thanks for sharing your winter walk with Miss T and us! This past weekend I published a post, including a photo of Mrs. Duck swimming on our front pond! xx

    1. I had to wade through it to get back to the snowmobile trail - and believe me it's not easy wading through snow up to your waist! :D

      I will be over shortly to see Mrs. Duck and the front pond....

  13. Wow, that is quite the snow you have there, ma'am! We've got rain but that's okay with me.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. Ah such beautiful photographs! Oh though, HELLO TALLULAH. She looks like a good sort to me.

  15. OK, how did you know the drift was 3' deep?
    Pretty walk!
    (I would have been tempted to go to that Pancake 'Breakfest' just to let someone know their error...) =)

    1. I had to wade through it. Not fun!

      The only thing that kept me away from the Pancake Breakfest was the fact that I took my walk at 3 in the afternoon. I assumed it was over with by then, or I might just have been tempted to show up, brandishing the Shorter OED. :)

      I won't ask how your weather is, because I assume it's pretty much like mine!

  16. Tallulah needs some boots if she is going to be trekking out in the snow, it looks like you had a beautiful day.

    By the way my spelling stinks.

  17. Oh wow! The snow beautiful there.. how I grateful to you that you are posting all of these photos, they always always remind me of my country!
    I love such frosty weather and sparkling snow!

  18. Maybe it's a festive breakfast. ;-)
    (I know how you feel, though. At least it's not its' or tomatoe's.)

  19. Ooh, look at all that lovely snow. I know you're probably fed up with it but it looks so much more inviting than rain!

    Surely Tallulah has the best shape for the bobsleigh ;)

  20. I know what a breakfest is! It is when you are eating Peanuts (hence the 'fest' part) and you accidentally break open the container. Accidentally, of course. No one would do that on purpose. Hmmm... Naturally if the container did happen to break, a fest would most certainly ensue. Either way we're good to go.

  21. Marigold beat me to the punch. I was going to comment that perhaps it was a break-fest as in festival... Just teasing. They spelled it wrong! I, too, would have been tempted to enjoy a few pancakes because we know how well they fuel any snow activity! :)

    A snow turtle!!! A snow turtle skeleton!!! Do you have any idea what you've inspired?!?!?!

  22. Did I not leave you a pithy remark and tell you how much I love your snowy photos. Well, I am telling you now!

  23. Hello Sue, very beautiful photos but I am more than ready for Spring. vbg Can you believe we have 4 feet of snow in our front yard. Very sad face. LOL Hugs Judy


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