Friday, February 14, 2014

Word of the Week: Coruscation

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours, and welcome to...

This week's word is Coruscation.

Cor·us·ca·tion (ˌkȯr-ə-ˈskā-shən), noun
1. Glitter, sparkle.
2. A flash of wit.

Most recently seen or heard in:

Anne's House of Dreams, by L.M Montgomery.
"How the home lights shine out tonight through the dark!" said Anne. "That string of them over the harbor looks like a necklace. And what a coruscation there is up at the Glen!"
Why I like this word:

It's a sparkling word with softness at its heart. It makes me think of bubbles dancing atop champagne, or the magic of a clear winter's morning when the sun strikes jewelled glints from the snowy ground. Its synonyms are lovely, too: gleam and glitter, scintillation, sparkle, flash and flame; but "coruscation" has an added elegance, a queenliness of appearance and sound that sets it apart.

Coruscation is a slender damsel, fair of skin and sparkling of eye. She dresses in softly-shimmering white; diamonds twinkle like stars from her midnight-black hair. Though she looks like a heroine of romance, her voice is full of mirth and her conversation spiced with humour, varied by flashes of brilliance and insight. You never know what she'll say next; this quality of unexpectedness makes her a delightful companion. (Rather like many bloggers I know.)


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With whom would you rather lunch: a witty conversationalist, or a quiet type?

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  1. The witty one, of course! I wonder if I'll have a chance to use that one in conversation?
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. The witty one, but only if they appreciate their food, lunching with anyone who pushes food around a plate and would take it or leave it would be such a disappointment!

    Hadn't heard of coruscation before, but I'm a sparkle girl so I will surely use it, I love the word glisten as it is not brash but beautiful.

  3. Oh I like this one, it rolls off the tongue. I shall be looking for an opportunity to slip it into conversation.

  4. What a word!
    I would love to have lunch with a witty conversationalist!
    Have a happy day!

  5. Hello SUE, I absolutely LOVE your word today. I love it because it Glitters and Sparkles and I enjoy seeing glitter and sparkle.. How neat that Anne love the word too. I am the only one so far that would enjoy a quiet type to have lunch with. So one that would enjoy our company and chat endless about really nothing of importance. That is Moi... LOL Hugs Judy

  6. A witty conversationist of course. Always enjoy your words, I thought at first you'd been watching too much of the Olympics with all those sparkly costumes.

  7. Another lovely word Sue where do you find them, or are they already a part of your repertoire, I will write it down and take it into work on Monday maybe try and fit it into the conversation with the ambulance drivers see what reaction I will get haha. It is nice to lunch with a witty conversationalist, but I do like a bit of silence while I'm actually eating my lunch. :)

  8. I love your word posts, Sue! It's such a delight to share someone's joy in language. Have a good one! I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!

  9. I can actually see in my minds eye Anne saying that word! LMM was a true word smith that left you in awe of her ability to create a character that left such an impression you could actually feel as though you'd want to be friends with her. I would have loved to have been friends with LMM!

    I love your line, "her voice is full of mirth and her conversation spiced with humor," Brilliant! :)

  10. Love this word. You saw the coruscation of a a cake I made. ;-)

    I'd like to have lunch wit you! (Yes wit not with)

  11. I love this word. Sadly I suspect that my dropping it into conversation would leave most of the folk I talk to nonplussed, I shall have to settle for enjoying it in novels and poems. Great post :)

  12. What a glorious word! Thank you for introducing me to it in such a descriptive and poetic manner. I could see your words as I read them!

  13. I love the word of the week idea! And this is a lovely choice. I'll have to work it in to my life somehow.

  14. While I tend to appreciate time on my own away from the social swirl of life, after some thought on it, I realize I would rather lunch with a witty conversationalist, one like Anne who appreciates the coruscation in her environment :)

  15. Oh, definitely a witty conversationalist. I'd rather fight for the air in a conversation than feel that I have to fill it up all by myself (which is how I sometime feel when with a very quiet person).


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