Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Building a Fantasy Yarn Shop

Thanks to coffeedog on Ravelry, whose forum comment sparked the idea for this post....

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If you could have a yarn shop, what would it be like?

Mine would value knitters and crocheters both. I'd have plenty of crochet magazines, crochet hooks, and a generous selection of z-twist yarns, in addition to all the usual knitting-oriented paraphernalia.

I would have tester yarn balls, so people could try before they buy.

Lots of deep comfy chairs.

A scorn-free zone for synthetic fibers.

Free teabags, with really hot water available to make a proper cuppa. (And free coffee, for my coffee-drinking sisters in caffeine addiction. And sugar and real cream, of course.)

A magic cat or two - magic in the sense that they would be somehow allergen-free.

Magic yarn that frogs easily no matter what the fiber content.

Ice cream every Tuesday.

Yarn rebates for FOs - simply show the finished object, with yarn receipt, to receive cash back on the yarn you used. Ten percent would be about right, I think. (This would be an incentive to finish projects. Completely antithetical to normal business practice, I know.)

And no yarn shop would be complete without a crochet turtle or two, wandering amidst the stunning sock samples which, in my fantasy realm, I will have knitted myself.

I wish I had knitted these, but I didn't. Photo taken in the
Red Fish Dye Works booth, Knit and Crochet Show 2014.

Gosh, the more I think about it, the more ideas I get. Of course I'd have to suspend all the normal laws of economics to make it work, but hey, this is a fantasy, remember.


If you could dream up the ideal yarn shop, what would it be like? What would it be called? And would you rather be an owner or a customer?

Leave a comment, and we'll build a shop together.

(In our dreams.)


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The above is mine. Below is Amanda's, from Crafty in the Med.

Ah, summer.

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  1. I would be a customer. As much as I love to knit, I have no fantasy of actually OWNING a shop. I might like to work in a shop though. That might be fun for awhile.

  2. My favorite yarn shop has the yarns organized by weight and I really like being able to head for the weight I want and see all of my choices. I would like to see lots of samples. Cozy knitting chairs of course. Magazines and books for knit and crochet. lots of patterns.

  3. Sounds amazing, I would be visiting your fantasy shop everyday. I have also fantasised thus several times in fact. Why can't we actually make it happen, mine extends to cosy chairs where people are sitting enjoying their craft and along with tea and coffee there would be luscious magic cakes to match the magic cats magic because they don't contain a single calorie. There would also be a crafty program something different happening every day. I had better come back down to earth or I'll never get to work this morning haha thank for starting my day with a thoughtful smile :)

  4. What a lovely idea! Why not make it reality?! Maybe with a group of like-minded ladies and you would all take it in turns to mind the shop! I would be a customer and sit and crochet and chat with other ladies! No tea or coffee though, herb teas (Peppermint or Lemon Verbena) would be lovely.
    Did you know that black tea contains caffeine too? About 75mg agains 150mg of caffeine in a cup of filtered coffee! So you would need two teas to give the same 'high' as a coffee! How about sparkling water with a slice of lemon (no coffee or tea spills on the beautiful yarns!)

  5. My real local yarn shop is in a busy, built-up area. My fantasy yarn shop would have an outdoor seating area with beautiful views and permanent good weather.

  6. I'd be the first person at your door every single day! I'd partake of the tea, of course!

    I have one for you...what do you think a knit shop would have been like if Anne Shirley was the owner? I'm guessing pretty awesome!

    If I had a shop it would have to slanted more towards the crochet world (oh I'd let the knitters in, but only if they agreed to take a crochet class!). :) I'd probably also have a small section in the back filled with cross stitch stuff, too. A little place to get a spot of tea....sit down a chat with friends sections....hmmmm maybe I need to write a story about all this? Wishing you a yarn filled yummy day sweet friend. (oh, and of course a place for turtles, too!). :)

  7. If you opened it I'd have to trek to Wisconsin and shop there!

  8. It would be called Pedal and Purl…
    it would be one half bike shop for fireman and one half yarn for me

  9. I love Kathy B's idea!!! But I think mine would be yarn and fabric... and perhaps flowers for natural dyeing and lavender just because it smells so heavenly...

  10. I have it all in my head and I have for years. I even know the little town I would have it in, it would be warm, inviting, a safe place to plop down and knit or crochet. It would have antiques, comfy chairs and stenciled sayings on the wall like, Life is too short for cheap yarn, or Friends don't let friends knit drunk. It would be open some evenings and have some fun varieties of yarn with a big wooden table smack dab in the middle of the store for teaching, looms, trial yarns or just a place to drop your stuff so you can grab some tea and walk around.

  11. How about you, me and Meredith become business partners? I'd love to crochet the day away with likes of you two. Ha! Best wishes, Tammy

  12. A small rebate for FOs is a brilliant idea! I have less than zero desire to own a fabric store, but now I at least have one idea for one.

  13. I really love the yarn from England, I just wish I could bring back a suitcase full of it!
    In my shop, I would love to have lots of nice yarn and have workshops for FREE for children and pass on the love of crochet to a new generation.

  14. How about opting for some upbeat light classical music in the background and good cozy lights next to each comfy chair, and posies of fragrant sweet peas...and may I join you and Tammy and Meredith as well, Sue? Oh and how about if we locate it next to a body of water, too...ocean, Great Lake, pond, or brook....xx

  15. I would be a customer, since I am getting too old to run a business. I would donate an antique spinning wheel if you will promise to give wool spinning lessons. Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  16. I'd have an Alpaca or two wandering around. I have a friend who lives just down the road from me who has a herd (flock?) of Alpacas and a yurt as a studio in the field. Perfect! Penny x

  17. How about a big bin of yarn made from recycled sheets? And bin for a leftover yarn exchange. Oh and Norwegian butter cookies too. ;-)


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