Friday, August 29, 2014

Rocky Mountain Sunset Hat and Cowl

Isn't that a delightful name? Chosen by the Love of Crochet team, it's perfect for this cozy duo stitched in a soft, deep aubergine yarn, accented with colour-changing stripes that shade from topaz to bright rose to subtle amethyst.

Photo courtesy of Love of Crochet

The set was made with Classic Elite Yarns Liberty Wool, a smooth, light worsted with a soft hand and beautiful drape.

Here are the hat and cowl on my dining table in March, freshly completed and ready to be shipped off to Love of Crochet:

Both projects feature the Mock Invisible Join, which gives a virtually seamless look to the cowl and the hat band. Half-double crochets worked in the back bar offer great visual texture, and dropped stitches create the illusion of woven stripes.

Here's an inside view of the Mock Invisible Join, showing the unused colours being carried up the inside of the work:

The Rocky Mountain Sunset Hat and Cowl patterns are currently available in Love of Crochet Autumn 2014.

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Love of Crochet has provided downloadable tutorials for the Mock Invisible Join and the Invisible Join (click here for the links). Or you can check out my tutorials: Mrs. M's Mock Invisible Join, and the Invisible Join.

Thanks for viewing, and happy crocheting!

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  1. I love the hat and the cowl Sue, the colours go so well together, congratulations on having more of your beautiful designs published. :)

  2. What a perfect duo this is! The colours are so nice together. I could be in the mood for winter looking at such a beautiful pair of winter clothes. What a pity that it is so difficult to get English magazines in my vicinity. I would love to try your pattern. But maybe I'll find the magazine somewhere by chance... Have a nice weekend, Viola

  3. Love the colours, some of my favourites.
    Hope you're enjoying this Labour Day weekend and have the chance to get out for a wonderful scenic ride...
    Susan x

  4. The colors are perfect together. :) I always love seeing your designs in print! Yay! :)

  5. Beautiful work, Sue. It must feel so good to be recognized for your fabulous designs. The colors in this set are really pretty, I love everything about it.

  6. I love the design, that little punch of color really makes all the colors look so beautiful. Congrats on having another project published.

  7. Beautiful. May have to send this post to a friend

  8. I don't know what a Mock Invisible Join is, but that's a very nice hat and cowl.

  9. Oh, I really want to make this for my sister who just moved to Steamboat Springs. Colorado! And she has the same hair color as the model! From the sound of it, I think she might need it for the winters out there!

  10. The design and colors are wonderful, Sue! Thanks so much for sharing. I have dragged out my basket with the shawl I started a year ago and want so much to finish the shawl so that I can wear it this fall.... You inspire me once more :-) xx

  11. BEAUTIFUL! And a perfect name for the set too. :-)

  12. Gorgeous! Perfect colors and beautiful workmanship. WOW! It just pops.

  13. Don't know how I missed this post... oh, well, yes, I guess I do, but I didn't mean to! Indeed a beautiful cowl and hat! Love the colors!

  14. You are rockin' it! What a fabulous duo!

  15. Oh, you are a certified genius! I love this, but would need to be sitting right by your side for guidance.
    I love the colors you used.

  16. i've had the love of crochet rocky mountain sunset pattern for two years and gave up innumerable times, but i finally understand each part of the stitch by deconstructing it.the hard part is the hat starts off in spiral rounds when you yourself say it's not for spiral rounds. also the instructions in the magazine are ambiguous. but now that i get it, i shall use your stitch in so many projects! thanks!

    1. Sue: I have been following the pattern in the magazine, and I have these two things to say:
      The drop down stitch calls for a hdc, but I found that that bunches up the color b rows and if it stretches to fit, it leaves massive loops up top so I had to switch to a dc and it works perfectly. Have you noticed this?
      and two:
      the pattern calls for "work in the back horizontal bar and back ridge loops unless otherwise specified" but I am coming out with a really neat spiral-y line whereas the images you show here and in the magazine look to me to be clearly normal dc. Is that another typo or is the model hat not made the exact same as the pattern?

      here is a picture of what I am talking about: any thoughts?

    2. Hi Ben -

      Regarding the drop down stitch: it's okay if it slightly bunches up the contrast colour rows - that was my intention. The design is meant to look like chain links with a contrast colour behind them (you can see this effect on the cowl in the second photo at the top of this post). If your dropped hdcs make things too scrunchy, then by all means switch to a taller stitch. You could also just draw up a taller "first loop" when making the dropped hdc.

      Regarding the crown: the model hat was made exactly as the pattern is written. I think there's a little confusion about the "back loop/back bar" part. The Notes say: "crown is worked in spiral rounds .... BAND pattern stitch is worked in back horizontal bars" (emphasis mine).

      Round 1 of the crown IS worked in the back loop and and back ridges around, but the rest of the crown is standard hdc. I'm sorry that wasn't more clear - when writing crochet patterns for a magazine the designer has to walk a fine line between saying everything she'd like to say, and keeping within the magazine's pattern language constraints.

      If you haven't yet started the band, you can always use the spiral-y line surface as the inside (WS) of your crown. To do this, replace the sc at the end of your final crown round with a yarnover slip stitch (yo, ins hook in indicated st, yo and immediately pull through both lps on hook). Slip stitch in the next st, then turn and ch 1 to begin band rounds. The previous right side is now the new wrong side, and your rounds will be worked in the opposite direction as the crown rounds. Work Band Round 1 in the back loop only, then proceed with the rest of the band as directed. (Watch your stitch count - the slip stitch can make things tricky.)

      Good luck with your project!


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