Thursday, October 16, 2014


Early October. Two walks to the park.

The first on a sunny afternoon, before any serious frost had struck. The maples were just beginning to hit their stride, though there were plenty of green leaves still to be seen:

A heron meditates by the water's edge (probably wondering if it should fly away from this oddly-dressed creature who appears to be stalking it with a camera):

Maple sunshine:

Some trees are nearly bare already:

At the softball field, the wind has spangled the fence with oak leaves:

The second walk takes place on a misty morning, after a night of frost. The lake is flushed and mysterious in the pre-dawn:

Why do cameras always shrink the moon? It looked much bigger to my eyes when I took this photo:

This maple has turned completely:

This one still shows a hint of lingering green:

The moon gets tangled in the branches of a bare tree as the sun comes over the horizon...

...casting long beams that light up the maples and tip the pines with gold.

At my feet, a perfect arrangement of pine needles, maple leaves, and a pine cone. This would make a dandy blog header, I think:

(And it does.)

How is October treating you?

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  1. Beautiful photos! This time of year is so pretty and the colours are so inspiring.

  2. This reminds me, I really must visit my local park before all the leaves drop.

  3. Lovely photos. I just adore maple trees during the fall. Such a lovely splash of color against the blue sky. Hey, whats on your hook? Have you thought about having a CAL or something along those lines for fall/winter? Wishing you a most lovely day. :)

  4. Such beautiful autumnal pictures, sigh. The trees are still green down here and many of them, the live oaks for example, don't lose their leaves. But the air is cooler and the humidity is down so I'm happy.

  5. Beautiful! I love seeing herons. Sometimes they will come to our creek in the summer to fish. We have had a lot of rain and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the fall colors will not be spoiled.
    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the lovely, lovely walk.

  6. Stunning photos ....I LOVE the mist on the lake and the leaves against the blue sky....BEAUTIFUL.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Great header too :0)
    Jacquie x

  7. Your photos are so beautiful! I love the lake pictures a lot. I should take my camera with me when I go out with the dog. Autumn colours are really extraordinary. Unfortunately I do not have much time because I have to work more than I would like to, two of my collegues are ill. Oktober illnesses...
    But soon... Viola

  8. Awesome colors! I love the fall season!

  9. Beautiful photos, you have fantastic colours. Love the new header too :)

  10. The lake photos are stunning, as well as the sun through that maple. October with you is looking beautiful. It's been very soggy here this month. Lots of staying in and quite a bit of baking. CJ xx

  11. We are finally getting a little bit of cooler (82°F high) today. It's been a beautiful breezy day.

    Your lake pictures are beyond beautiful! WOW!

  12. Beautiful color. It is not as pretty here.

  13. Gorgeous color, I love it. Liking the mist over the lake. Really enjoying morning walks here, but it was buggy this morning as its warmed up again over here. Weird weather we are having.

  14. The colours are beautiful. We don't have that much red and orange. October has been warmer and dryer than usual. When it rained it didn't rain more than half a day. I've taken many walks and enjoyed fall very much this year. Have a nice weekend. Regula

  15. Love the new blog header. The shrinking moon effect is very disappointing isn't it? juliex

  16. Oh, gosh, and how do those gorgeous leaves look now? On Monday, I noticed our sumac seemed to be on fire with blazing color, so I thought I should hurry up and snap some photos before the leaves were gone. Too many late nights at work caused me to miss the best part! Dark in the morning when I leave, dark in the evening when I get home. Dang!

    These are extraordinary photos! I especially love the leaves in the fence and light mist on the water. Sometimes I wish we had more daylight in winter just so I could see the kinds of things you have captured so beautifully!

  17. Love your maple, Love your misty morning.....
    My October is the best I've ever had.. EVER
    (I retired 9/30) Im overjoyed

  18. Breathtaking photos, Autumn is my favourite season of all!


  19. My October is truly awesome, Sue! I am still recovering from three weeks of wonder filled traveling and this time of year is my favorite! Thanks for another wonder filled post! xx

  20. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! These are absolutely gorgeous, all of them! You inspire me! I love it, keep up the fantastic work! The picture you used as your new blog header actually reminds me of one of my own, except yours is much more header worthy. =) Thanks once again for reminding me I neeeeeeed to get out more! =D

  21. Wisconsin in all of her Autumn glory.

  22. Gorgeous pics x and your header is absolutely perfect x

  23. I love the photo of the misty lake but all of them are beautiful, Your header is lovely just perfect. :)

  24. Beautiful photos Sue, love the pre dawn pic of the lake.
    Fall is just beautiful in your part of the world. Somehow it seems to have crept up awfully fast, or is it just me?
    Love the header too.....:)

  25. It's been a beautiful week of colors! Great pictures. =)


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