Thursday, February 26, 2015

Shadows on the Snow

For Marigold, who lamented the lack of a shadow shot in my last scenic post....

Sunday's walk was cold. After a week of zero and sub-zero temps, a Saturday of teasing warmth (30 degrees!) had coaxed the snow into softening a bit, but overnight the mercury crashed back into negative numbers. The snow showed its displeasure by turning crusty on top, and repeatedly giving way underfoot just when our blogger least expected it. (Which made for a very good workout.)

~ ~ ~

A bright sun shines from a cloudless sky, casting sharp blue shadows across the wintry afternoon. Shadow of a blogger:

And a turtle:

Shadows of grass:

And trees (and again the blogger):

How the blogger stays warm when wind chills are well below zero:

 The most beautiful shadows are cast by the simplest shapes, I find.

Someone has walked this trail before me - someone with a dog. The human footsteps trudge straight down the center of the path, while the doggy prints swerve joyously from left to right. I can see the dog in my mind's eye, meandering happily, making sudden rushes from grass clump to grass clump to follow a fascinating scent. I wonder which enjoyed the walk more, the human or the dog....

I've turned off the path proper onto the snowmobile trail. A leaf has sunk into the snow, carving a perfect image of itself:

Shadows of trees fall aslant the trail as it curves through a bit of wood:

Tallulah poses on a wind-carved ledge:

We look back at our own footprints...

...then turn our faces to the wind and to home.

~ ~ ~

Usually, by late February, I'm desperate for spring and warmth. This year is different. I don't mind the cold; I wish we had more snow; I view with faint alarm the relentless march of the days. Time is moving too quickly, and I have too many projects to finish before winter ends. Is this a sign of age, or merely of overcommitment?

How about you? Are you longing for spring, or are you willing for winter to hang on a bit longer?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. I'm a little glad to know I'm not the only one trying to get things done before cycling season begins... again... we're at a standstill for a while with all the white stuff in our neck of the high plains meet foothills!

    I love all your shadow shots, but I think Tallulah is my favorite. Perhaps sentimental value??? :)

  2. Hi Sue, I loved all your photos, especially the sunken does that happen?
    It's muddy around here and I'm ready for spring.
    Hope you make some progress with your to-do list.
    Jacquie x

  3. I love all the snow shadows and the footprints in the snow and that sunken leaf cutting out its shape like a cookie cutter!

  4. Beautiful photos! Thank you!
    I like Your turtle :)))

  5. Wow, I've missed your beautiful photos and words so much over these past months. Its good to see Tallula looking so good still! Im off to catch up on some of the many missed posts!
    Love, Rosie xx

  6. Enough already of this frigid cold don't you think.
    I hope you wrapped Tallulah in a double coat! The snow is beautiful though and the sun was shining so I suppose it has its softer side but I think I'm ready for a little Spring!
    Susan x

  7. Beautiful photos. I usually have the same feeling about summer days passing too quickly. I really dislike the winter and cold temperatures though. This year in particular.

  8. It's not the winter I like more, but rather the summer I like less. There is so much I can do indoors during the winter, when summer comes to the south everything slows to molasses speed.

  9. Oh I love these photos. How awesome to get another perspective of shadows and snow. The world is truly filled with so many beautiful things, if only we have the soul to see them. You my friend, most certainly, have the soul to see them.

    I am looking forward to seeing what new designs you are creating. I love that you are busy...and yes, I think the season has a lot with slowing us down.

    I hereby, give you all future snow that is suppose to be can have it sweet friend...each single snowflake, it's all yours! :)

    Blessings always

  10. Oh, I'm with you! Over-commitment or age?! I'm going to go with over-commitment. I'd like the temperature to be a little more bearable, but I'm also anxious to get a LOT more done before spring comes full-force. -Sigh.

  11. Very nice shots! I'm ready for the lower elevations to thaw. I still desire some more skiing up high.

  12. Shadows and Turtles! Shadows and Turtles!!! YAY!!!!! However, far too cold for a goat. I prefer the barn - even with Alpines. :) Thank you for the lovely pictures!!!! Alas, we have had no winter here to speak of. But we are thinking of building an ark very soon.

  13. Love all the shadows in snow images. Spring came to Oregon in January! Our snowdrops are done, the daphne is still all in bloom, the star magnolia is almost fully flowered out and the daffodils are all in bloom. Amazing. I am not a fan of winter, so I'm happy as a clam. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. You make even the bitter cold weather look like fun.
    I feel like time is speeding by and it gets worse all the time. I don't really have any deadlines right now so that can not be my excuse.

  15. Oh, that darling little turtle! I hope it didn't freeze.

  16. Thanks for letting those of us who rarely see snow enjoy it with you. I am tired of fickle temps. I like cold and dislike hot. Sunny cool is what I dream of for each day. Hmm, such is a dreamer! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  17. Lovely pictures Sue I hope you and Tallula enjoyed your snowy walk, I enjoyed it with my warm drink beside me. I don't like the cold weather, I'm a wimp theres no way I would be out walking like you do you brave person. :) xx

  18. "Winter! Go away!" Of course, your pictures are beautiful. Winter is beautiful. But it has lasted for so long ....

  19. Aww TURTLE in the snow! Poor turtle. Fireman saw one in the ocean on our vacation!
    I made one out of pottery at a friend's party a week later...where is my turtle

  20. Hello, I've just discovered your blog. I love how your first photo looks like the shadow of a Victorian lady in skirts and a bonnet - how clever and how appropriate considering your blog name. Wonderful. :-)

  21. We've not had one proper snow fall yet this year, just lots of brief skirmishes with the edges of winter weather that other people got, so I wouldn't mind if winter hung on long enough to snow on us.

    1. Oops, published before I'd complimented you on those gorgeous shadow shots.

  22. Spring is on its way whether we like it or not! I wouldn't bother me if winter stayed a bit longer but it is nice to have more hours of sunlight in the day. I have too many projects on the go - always will have - but am determined to get some finished soon.


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