Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Blues and Lilacs

How do they do it? Those prolific bloggers, I mean. Gals who not only work a full-time job but crank out project after project, AND manage to blog interestingly several times a week. I feel like such a slug in comparison.

My hormones, which for most of my adult life have behaved reasonably well, got all out of whack due to a very stressful March and early April. It's amazing what can happen to the body when the hormones aren't happy. Also amazing are the side effects when a little supplemental therapy is required to reset the body clock. I do hope it resets properly, because the last five weeks have Not been Fun. (I'm almost ashamed to complain about this, when there are so many more serious things that could have gone wrong but didn't.)

There's been a lot of rainy and grey this spring, which is wonderful for the land if not for the spirits. On the other hand, when you're feeling exhausted and achy and nauseated and brain-fogged, and unmotivated to exercise even though you know you ought to, rain makes a wonderful excuse to stay indoors and loll on the sofa getting nothing much done.

Next week should be better. I hope. :)

~ ~ ~

From hormone blues we pass to yarny blues. Here's a peek at a new pattern:

Daisy Chain Shawlette, featured in Love of Crochet Summer 2015

More details to come in another post.

~ ~ ~

It's lilac time here in Wisconsin.

Has anyone ever successfully described the scent of these glorious blossoms? Words like "heady" and "langorous" come to mind, but there's no way to do written justice to the sweet airs wafting across the countryside and through the open windows. And the colours! To someone whose favourite colour has been lavender from the age of 2 upwards, lilac time is a little bit of heaven.

~ ~ ~

I haven't forgotten that a second Spinnaker post is due. The post is mostly written, but I'm sorry to say it has disappeared into the Abyss of Lethargy that was once my active brain. I hope to find it soon and bring it to light.

Meanwhile, here's a glimpse of Spinnaker Too, with the alternate textured band:

(You can find the first Spinnaker post here.)

~ ~ ~

How are you? If I haven't visited lately, please don't take it amiss - just blame it on the hormones (or lack of). I hope to catch up with everyone soon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Oh, you poor girl! Everything hit you all at once! But you've cranked out some incredible patterns, and under intense pressure, too.

    Your lilacs are heavenly. I can smell them just from looking at your gorgeous photos! And the blue crochet is awesome!

    Hang in there! Summer is coming! Lavender is coming! (And the deer don't eat that!!!)

  2. Poor you! I hope you are feeling better. My advice, don't bother, just go with it. It's like watching you from the outside.

    The hormones are messing with my brain, I thought I would get Alzheimer, really. But then I read a very interesting article about menopause. Now I am in peace with what is happening.

  3. Oh man, I feel your pain. That just plain sucks. Don't be so hard on yourself, we all have ups and downs. I can stare blankly at the wall for a good chunk of time. I just try to remember to keep my mouth closed. Our lilacs are almost done now. They are my favourite, I wish I could bottle up that scent. I just love it!

  4. I really hope that things pick up for you soon. Maybe the summer months with sunshine and warmth may help you feel a bit better.
    I've often found the constant stunning makes that some seem to Mill out quite intimidating. And then to still find the time to blog constantly! ! It's amazing. It takes me two hours to write a short post. Probably because I have to find missing words in all the fog in my brain. :) But coming back this year I decided that there is no point in constantly trying to keep up with others because it only stresses me out and that's not why I started my blog. I wanted it to be fun, not a chore.
    Any way I've finally put up a few pictures of the studio on the blog if you Want to have a pop over and look.

  5. To the commenters above.....oh yes!!! The Brain Fog (alzheimer/dementia worries) - me too. It is clearing now I am mostly On The Other Side of the main menopause suckfest. It feels So good to have my brain back - with a few misfirings here and there. When I read the post I knew where Mrs M was going to be for a while. I too, wonder how the Super Bloggers manage to do everything - do they not sleep!! Some have disappeared to Instagram where it is quicker to post etc. I have Blog Envy.
    my meno started at age 45 with a huge bang, slowed down to 'hey this is easy', then......the loong and severe Depression that only lifted 3 1/2 years later. So, now almost 53 (what!!) and am slightly *hehe* more normal now.
    Take care, hun
    Susan xx

  6. what a lovely daisy chain stitch for the shawlette. Marvellous lilac shots too, You gave good adjectives to describe their perfume. I could add captivating and enchanting!

    So glad you are feeling like your old self again!

  7. Oh poor you. I do hope those pesky hormones settle down for you. Lovely patterns, again! Juliex

  8. Its the weather not the hormones. Im sure of it. This cold and grey is just too much by May. We need to move on to warmth and no wind. Fireman rode 35 miles into the wind yesterday. Felt like 50 to him. I understand.
    Hang on, warmth is coming. At least the sun is OUT today in Chicago!

  9. I do hope you get to feeling better very soon. :) The photos are lovely...and the new design...goodness, you always amaze me with your awesome talent. Is this the project that you were wanting on the yarn for? I love this yarn. It's lovely. Wishing you a day filled with much joy and many blessings sweet friend. ((hugs))

  10. Beautiful designs. Oh I know that feeling well. It seems that some days just getting out of bed is a chore in and of itself. Take heart! It will get better. We have one of those rainy days here today. We need it desperately so I'm trying to embrace it. I hope your day is better and each one improves.

  11. I hope you're continuing to feel better, it's horrible when you can't do all the normal things you take for granted.
    You've jumped ahead of us in spring developments - our lilacs are still to flower but I'm looking forward to when they do. I have three lilac trees in the garden. Can't wait!

  12. Sorry to hear of your rough times. I hope you emerge quickly from your ills. I'm trying to recuperate from re-injuring my shoulder.. I know I need to get back to swimming but I'm afraid of the pain of using that shoulder for back-stroke and breast-stroke. Maybe friday? :-) Our lilacs are over and I'm pretty bummed out that I was gone the whole time they were in their glory. Looking forward to seeing your new pattern. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. I have only seen (and smelled!) lilacs in England and I would think "heavenly" would be the only way I could describe them.
    Take care of yourself, it gets easier as you get older. (Tell yourself that!)

  14. Well I hope your hormones are now in check.
    Perhaps once you're back on the bike it will help to set the mind at ease.
    In the meantime I see you have been busy with such lovely projects...
    Susan x

  15. Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling so well. Hang in there!

  16. As a male, I will tread lightly around the hormonal thingie; that's spooky stuff. Nonetheless, nice shawlette. The color scheme fits it. We have lilacs, but not for long. Then again, we had 5 inches of heavy white stuff on Mother's Day. Weather hormones, I guess.

  17. Oh, Sue, you do have my complete sympathy. I spent a whole summer in my early fifties crying and wondering where I went. It was just awful, but it does ease up and eventually goes away.
    Your shawlette is just lovely. You do amaze me with your crocheting magic.
    May each of your days be better and better.
    xoxo, Ellen.

  18. Bless your heart, when hormones don't behave nothing feels right. I have been battling them for over four years. I am not the person I used to be, she was much nicer. Love your new pattern Sue and I LOVE lilacs, they are my fav.

  19. That first paragraph is exactly what I've been thinking for the last few weeks too! I hope you're beginning to feel better. I've been a bit low I think, which is probably one reason I've not been blogging - but not due to hormones, just fed up with a long cold wet spring (it was trying to sleet this morning - so dispiriting). I think we can have high expectations of spring and when it's just a slightly lighter continuation of winter it gets you down!

  20. Hormone wars! I know them none too well! That;' why sometimes I have one post in a month and sometimes 25. Oh man, talk about the swings.

    Glad your leveling out and best wishes for further "peace".


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