Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tipped with Silver

The arrival of Spring may be subtle, but once here, it progresses by leaps and bounds. One week the ground and the trees are bare and brown; the next, glints of green have appeared underfoot, and branches are suddenly beaded with the suggestion of growth.

Then one morning you wake up and find that the world has turned emerald-colour, seemingly overnight. Daffodils flare up and die down; tulips appear in the neighbour's lawn. Soft-tinted canopies of leaves are overhead, and for a brief, precious spell, the normally shy wild fruit-trees are decked in dainty white.

Lucky the cyclist who knows where they live, and can ride out to see them before the blossoms fade.


A wild apple tree at the edge of town:

A mile or so down the road, three flowering trees lean out at intervals from a scrubby screen of brush. Most of the year they fade modestly into the background, but this is their week to shine:

By the scent I would guess that they're wild plum, though they never seem to bear fruit.

Another mile down, a little tree glows against its background of woods:

At the edge of a field, more blossoms blow:

Other things are blooming too. We pass a long shady stretch simply covered with violets of all shapes and shades: blue, rich reddish-purple, pale mauve, white.

Tallulah enjoys a whiff of violet heaven while I prowl around looking at the different varieties:

Down in the marsh, the kingcups (Marsh Marigold) are glowing like small suns:

I meant this to be a fruit-tree-blossom post, but one thing I've learned after years of cycling and taking photos is to get the shot while I can, because it may not be there the next time around. This is especially true of certain wildflowers; in another week or so the kingcups will be entirely hidden by marsh grasses.

At the far end of the marsh, a small wild plum and tall wild apple grow side by side. The apple tree has passed its peak of bloom, but the plum is still gloriously bedizened with white:

The Allegheny Serviceberry blossoms (below) have begun to droop; another few days and the petals will be gone:

The rest of the ride is punctuated by random whiffs of plummy sweetness carried on the wind. How enticing is the scent of wild plum; how beautiful are all the flowering trees of spring.


Are there blossoming trees where you live? Do you have a favourite?

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  1. Hie Sue, your picutres of blossoming trees are just wonderful. We have an old plum tree in the garden and the blossoms are so beautiful. But we have such strong winds at the moment that all the petals are gone much too early. It's really a pity. Have a nice day, Viola

  2. I love this time of year when the blossoms are just beginning to give a pop of colour! Great photos.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Lovely pictures! We have lots of trees blossoming near us. Our plum has flowered and is over now. The pear is amazing this year - tthe most blossom I've ever seen. Our apple trees are just about to flower too. I love the hawthorn blossom along the sides of the roads.

  4. This is the season for jasmine! I can't always SEE it, but my nose knows it is there. Sadly, it is a short blooming season and the rest of the year it's just an ordinary looking viney plant.

    There is also something else on the wind, but I haven't figured out what it is. Very sweet smelling and somewhat rare. I love when I walk by that. :-)

    Your photos, as always, are beautiful!

  5. Blossoms are in full fig here and since I love them all I don't have a favourite. I hope that the high winds will soon stop and the blossom will have a chance to fruit.

  6. Such beauty you have captured here, Sue. I especially love the wild violets. Right now we have wild iris in bloom and I am hoping to capture some on my camera before they disappear. Oh, and Miss Rumphius has been here as well..the wild lupines are just opening up. Joy!
    xoxo, Ellen.

  7. Spring flowers, purple and blue, perfect.

  8. What a great way to discover all there is to see, bicycling! I bet you're glad winter is over! My favorite blossoming tree is the lilac. We also have a venerable apple, some old plums, 3 pears and lots of wild cherry on our farm property. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. We ride through Palisade on our way to the Grand Mesa during Ride the Rockies, and the aroma of cherries and peaches could be considered doping... :)

    Those white and purple blossoms (a type of violet, or are they wild iris???) are stunning!!!

  10. Lovely photos. This is my favourite time of year. I did manage a cycle ride at the weekend but haven't had time yet to do a post.

  11. Beautiful. Fireman got a new bike tool for emergencies on the road so to speak. I got it for him for his birthday today. See my post :)

  12. Oh and the trees are amazing here right now. The dandelions are ben pretty

  13. Beautiful photos of the trees. I love blossoming trees. The city I live in is nicknamed the Lilac City because of all of the lilac trees and bushes.

  14. Our pale lavender lilac bush is in full bloom and it is one of my favorites, but like you showed in your pretty photos in this post, Sue, we have many varieties of bushes and trees in bloom now which are so beautiful! Last Friday I crocheted my first Rampant Arch headband and just posted a photo of it with a link to your blog, Sue. Thanks for another neat pattern! xx

  15. Spring sure is beautiful, Tallulah looks so happy smelling the flowers. I hope she is careful near the water, I know she is a turtle but I sure would not want her to get wet.

  16. We had a bit wind yesterday evening. And the blossoms flying by looked like snow. :-) Enjoy the weekend. Regula

  17. Spring....my favourite time of the year!!
    Wonderfully related ..... so well in fact Sue that with these delightful photographs I can nearly,nearly feel I am there enjoying it with you!! You have brought it all to life!
    It also reminds me how I hate living in a city even if it is a small pretty city!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  18. All so beautiful ... you've gotta love spring!


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