Monday, February 29, 2016

February - a Mixed Bag

What a month this has been. Surgery for my dad, a death in the family, the sudden shadow of cancer swooping down to hover over another family member - all these have made for many stressful days.

But February wasn't all bad. Mr. M celebrated a birthday this month, which is a Good Thing (even at our age). Warm weather and an early thaw allowed me to take my first-ever Wisconsin February bike ride. Another first: having a magazine article published this month. For these things I am very grateful.


Speaking of February and bike rides.... The weather must have been delighted by our enthusiastic response to the warm spell of ten days ago, for it decided to offer a repeat performance the following weekend.

Another sunny Saturday in the 50s was an opportunity too good to pass up:

Sunny Saturday

The warm weekend temperatures lasted well into Sunday, though the sun had disappeared behind a heavy layer of cloud. By late Sunday afternoon the mercury was dropping again, but this didn't stop Tallulah and me from taking another ride.

Cloudy Sunday

A cold wind hissed over the still-frozen marshes, where red-twig dogwood hinted at a colourful spring to come:

Iris the bike leaning against a rusty bridge rail:

Tallulah thought she had found a petrified turtle, but it was only a bolt after all:

By the time we finished our ride, the temperature had dropped from 52 to 36 (F), with a shrieking northwest wind spitting a fine, frozen rain in our faces. And that was the end of February's second warm spell.

As I write this post on Monday night, snow is beginning to fall; the forecast is for 2 to 5 inches by morning. But winter's back is already broken: the ground is thawing; green grass is beginning to appear; the wild geese and sandhill cranes are returning by twos and threes. There are even rumours of robin sightings. It looks as though spring might be early this year.


Happy Leap Day to you! And may March be better than February.

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  1. I am sorry for the hard parts of February you have been coping with, but pleased by your husband's birthday celebration and your article publication...and your bike rides, Sue. Thanks for sharing your beautiful Leap Day post! I admire your artistry! March is scheduled to come in like a lion tomorrow here in Boring, OR, with lots of wind and rain, but I just posted some photos of our promising early Spring blooms. Cheers for March :) xx

  2. It sounds as if you are getting the same changeable weather as us in your parts! We are definitely into March winds now! I had to smile at that first shadow shot - I love how the front wheel of your bike looks so big, but I did rather wonder what had happened to your nose!!

  3. I've been wondering about the cancer shadow; please know you and your family are still in my prayers. What a wonderful way you ushered in the end of February and the beginning of three more weeks until spring!!!

  4. Brr, stay warm, hope your Dad is doing better and that the shadow of cancer lifts. It was 78º here yesterday and the robins were bobbin'.

  5. I always enjoy taking bike rides with you. Tallulah is one lucky turtle to see the beautiful things in your area that she gets to see from her perch on your bike. I'm sorry about the hard things that you've had to cope with this month. It sounds like almost an exact replica of our family's February. Here's hoping for a better March! Gorgeous weather here for the last week also, but today is supposed to bring lots of rain and wind...But I do believe spring is on its way.
    Blessings, Betsy

  6. I *adore* the photo of the windmill peeking behind the weathered barn.. swoon. I wish we had a windmill here on the farm. Sorry to hear of your family issues.. I guess we all have them but when it hits your family it's hard. Hope your spring comes.. ours seems to be here with daffodils and tulips coming up. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. That sounds like a ride I would not want to take. I'd like to see the Cranes though.

  8. March will be better! Hugs for your sweet dad and congrats on the magazine article. Lovely bike ride, Sue. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  9. I do hope and wish that March and coming up months will be much better... Take care of yourself!

    Loved seeing your ride's photos - beautiful and refreshing as usual!! Tallulah is such a cute little creature :)

  10. Such lovely photos are always sweet friend. I so love the landscape of where you live. Miss T is as cute as ever. Congrats on the article. I really enjoy Love of Crochet magazine. I hope to find this soon in the shops. Sorry about your family member's passing and all the other things that have been swirling around you lately. I pray this month will be a month filled with only joy and much happiness. :)

  11. Sorry to hear about the bad bits Sue lets hope that March will be better, I think I would have been of the same mind as Tallulah that bolt does look very turtle like, beautiful photo's! keep warm. :) xx

  12. Sorry the month was a tough one, surgery, a death, cancer none of those are easy to take. I want to wish Mr M a belated Happy Birthday, every year is a gift.
    Hugs to you and stay warm,

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  14. That sounds like a ride I would not want to take. I'd like to see the Cranes though.
    kristen stewart hot


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