Sunday, February 21, 2016

Snow and Wind

February weather can fluctuate wildly, going from hard winter one week to mild and almost spring-like the next. Here are a few photos from both ends of the extreme....


Last Sunday was snowy and blowy and cold, with a driving east wind and multiple-personality precipitation that switched from large flakes in the morning to biting icy pellets in the afternoon to fluffy and perfectly-formed storybook snow after sunset.

My walk was taken during the stinging-pellet phase, when clouds and snow and air seemed merged into a single swirling mist of white, and trees were reduced to brown outlines of themselves. Not the best conditions for photography, but still I like walking in this type of weather, where distances are softened and only the immediate is clear.

Clumps of icy snow on asphalt:

The sun was suffering from an excess of shyness; it peeked through the cloud-veil once or twice, but never showed its full face:

Stripes on the branch of a very small tree:

A mini-landscape of wind-carved snow and dark branches against the wintry sky, with just a hint of the sun glowing behind the clouds:

I liked the look of the twigs growing up through this brush-pile...

...and the line of scraggly grass marking the boundary of this field:

(The sun was completely invisible by this time, hence the cold blue look of the photos.)

One last shot of wild grass shivering in the wind:

That was last weekend.


This weekend started out quite differently. On Thursday and Friday, high southerly winds pushed the mercury up and melted off much of our accumulated snow. Saturday dawned sunny and clear; by Saturday afternoon, temps had reached the mid-40s, and the wind had died back to a manageable 10-15 mph.

There's only one thing to do when the year plucks a day out of April and drops it into February:

Take your camera - and your turtle - for a RIDE!

(It was a bit of a shock for Tallulah, who has spent most of the winter asleep in her basket, stashed with the bike in a dark hallway. There were loud turtle yawns and much blinking of eyes as Mr. M pumped up my tires - but when we hit the road she woke right up.)

Only a short ride, with few photos, but an unexpected treat on a February weekend.

Before we finished, clouds had rolled in, and the kind western wind was veering to the north. Today the temps are back in the 30s, and a woolly grey veil is covering the sky. A good day for knitting and cups of hot tea.

How's your weather?

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  1. Sounds like a perfect day for knitting! Can you give us a hint at what you are knitting? I love seeing all the lovely things you make. Please share. :) Your photos are always so lovely. I adore seeing the reflections of the trees in the creek. The skies, goodness, they are just awesome. Thank you for sharing your rides with us sweet friend. :)

  2. It's raining as I type, and 45 degrees...I have my electric fire on...and the furnace is running...and I have blankets by my side...and I will heat some water shortly for tea...or coffee...debating. Once more thanks for publishing your wonderful photos and narrative. It is a privilege to witness your giftedness, Sue. Sending you many hugs... xx

  3. Glad you had a special bike ride treat in the middle of Winter. Wisconsin is so beautiful any time of year.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Yeeks! So cold! I love the trees reflected in the water.

  5. Beautifully documented, Sue! We've had so much less snow than you - every time we hear about snowy weather approaching, it seems to veer north or south. Most of our snow has melted now, after 2 days of 50's and close to 60 degrees, but I can't forget that March can still bring some challenging weather.

  6. A fun ride in the wintertime. Poor Talulah. A rude awakening! I'm snuggled by the fire with a cup of chocolate tea by my side. Hubby, Chloe and I went for a short walk an hour or so ago and I'm happy to be in my chair now. Thanks for taking us along with you on your walk and your ride today.

  7. I love the meandering river with snowy banks! Spring flowers are popping up everywhere here!

  8. Hello Mrs.Micawber!
    I loved the snowy photos...I prefer a cold weather hence I am living in a very hot country and really miss a lot those frosty, wintry days ...
    Though I am happy you got your warm weather as well and can enjoy your walks more!

  9. Nice pics! The striped branch was interesting. You captured winter's mood. Our weather has been quite warm this past week or so. However, snow is forecast for tomorrow.

  10. Lovely, a bike ride through the wintery landscape. I am rather envious, here I am drowning in mud and misery. x

  11. How awesome we both got in a ride the same day, many states and miles apart!!! I, too, absolutely love how well you have captured the imagery of winter! Brr.....

  12. I love coming on your rides with you, your countryside is lovely. I think the twigs coming up from the brush are Ash; I have one opposite my kitchen window and each year it surprises me by being male one year then female the next. It intrigues me.

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