Friday, July 29, 2016

Vintage Crochet Special Issue

When you hear the words "vintage crochet", what do you think of? Lacy doilies, intricate tablecloths, fine linen hankies with delicate thread edging? Elaborate bedspreads or Irish crochet wedding dresses?

Ask a group of designers and writers this same question, and here is what you'll get:

PieceWork Magazine's special issue Vintage Crochet 2016

Vintage Crochet 2016 is a very special issue indeed, with 21 lovely patterns and 7 feature articles, all highlighting various aspects of crochet's fascinating history.

One of the patterns is mine, and so is one of the articles.

The Pattern

The Modern Afternoon Apron with 1912 Edging was inspired by a garment belonging to Susan Baker, one of my favourite characters in the Anne books of L.M. Montgomery.

The apron's wide edging was reproduced from an online image found in the Antique Pattern Library:

I later adapted the edging to make it curved at both ends, and designed a smaller pocket edging to complement the wider trim. Both edgings work up very quickly in sportweight cotton yarn.

Pocket under construction

Instructions for sewing the apron are included in the magazine. I have to admit that writing the sewing part of the pattern was much harder than writing the crochet part! The actual construction is very simple, but trying to explain it clearly and concisely (without any illustrations) was a real verbal workout.

These edgings could also be applied to a purchased apron, if sewing isn't your thing.

The Article

The article is a lighthearted review of crochet's appearances in the Anne books, with speculations on some of the characters and situations involved. Needlecrafts are very well-represented in LMM's writing, with knitting the most frequently-mentioned, but crochet runs a very respectable second, appearing in seven out of the eight original Anne books.

It was such a treat to be able to include three of my favourite things - crochet, sewing, and the books of L.M. Montgomery - in this project.


It's always humbling to find myself sharing page-space with people I think of as real crochet designers - like Robyn Chachula (who designed the stunning cover sweater), Margaret Hubert, Tammy Hildebrand, and many others whose work I admire. Here are just a few of the other projects from this issue:

All photographs by Joe Coca for Vintage Crochet 2016,a special publication from Interweave. Copyright © F+W Media 2016.

You can read more about this issue and see all the project photos here. Click here to order your own copy of Vintage Crochet 2016 (for a digital copy, click here).

And I have a free issue to give away ... stay tuned! :)

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  1. Congrats on being published again! Love the apron and the lace on the pocket and the bottom. Really looks authentically like my grandma might have worn when company came. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I don't think congratulations is a strong enough word, and I can't think of anything else, so I'll just whoop it up for you and on your behalf... This is one of the coolest things you've done since I've known you! Very, very cool! You never cease to amaze and entertain me!

  3. Congratulations! Well done! I do love aprons.....

  4. OH, I LOVE your lace edge apron inspired by the character from L.M. Montgomery! Did you know (wait, you must do, the big ANGLOPHILE that you are!) that aprons are called "pinnies" in England? Not sure of the spelling but I suppose it is short for pinafore?
    ANYWAY, I LOVE your designs, you are so talented! You ARE not only a crochet designer but you are an ARTIST, don't you forget it!

  5. Love it! I keep looking for a crochet pattern I can use to edge some pillowcases and what you've made for the pocket would certainly work.
    You are so talented!!!

  6. Awesome. So love your pattern and can't wait to read your article. :)

  7. Thanks for posting about this issue. I saw something about it last week and have started searching for it. I'm even more excited to find it after seeing your post. What a great issue!

  8. How exciting to have a pattern published! I adore aprons and wear one often as I work around the house, especially when cooking. I love yours, the fact that the crochet is purple and my favorite color is quite the coincidence. thank you for sharing with us.

  9. You should feel proud to be published, it is no mean achievement to write those patterns. Well done Mrs. M.

  10. Congratulations to you! It must be so good to see your pattern published! I love your edging pattern, it's so pretty. That purse pattern looks great too.


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