Friday, June 7, 2024

Colorado Interlude, Day 2: Morning

Our second morning in Colorado dawns as beautifully as the first. Once again I set out before breakfast for a walk on the trail near my nephew's house, where there are more wildflowers to be seen.

Clumps of white locoweed light up the verge:

I'm excited to spy a puccoon; I had no idea these grew here:

The leaves of the next plant remind me of yucca, but the blossoms make it a mystery. I haven't been able to identify them yet:

Higher up, lovely blue penstemon edge the trail:

In the woods a Boulder raspberry blooms:

Feathery pasqueflower fruit shimmers in the morning sun:

More of the gorgeous mystery penstemon spotted on my previous walk:

Near the top, an interesting rock lies next to the trail - lichen-dotted red sandstone morphing to pale blue-green on its surface:

Just over the peak, I spy a mule deer climbing a nearby slope:

The trail here is full of fascinating texture:

One of the views from the peak:

Nearby bloom these tiny pink flowers with the charming name of filaree:

Pine trees blossom overhead:

At their feet flower Rocky Mountain groundsel:

Now it's time to head back down the trail...

...and across the mountain meadows...

...towards home and breakfast.


After breakfast I spend some enjoyable time on the deck, photographing the always-entertaining birds.

A downy woodpecker marches purposefully along the railing:

This broad-tailed hummingbird buzzes past my head, in a hurry to fuel up on syrup:

A goldfinch shares a feeder with what I think may be female grosbeaks:

This one is definitely a female grosbeak:

~ ~ ~

Later that day we take an evening walk amidst very different scenery, but I'll save those photos for my next post.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Oh, what beautiful wildflowers! I love the birds too! My sister lives in Colorado and my Dad was able to spend a good bit of time visiting there before he passed away. He really loved the wildflowers. x

    1. Thank you, Kay! It is so very beautiful there.

  2. A walk like that might even tempt me to get up early.

    1. It made it easy to get up early there!


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