Tuesday, June 19, 2012


...and lots of it!

We're having another un-June-like heat wave. Temps have been in the 80s and 90s for days now, and it's sticky as all get-out. Lawns are beginning to look strawlike due to lack of rain; we desperately need a good long drenching. (If only my friends across the pond could share their rain with me, I'd be happy to send them some of our sunshine and warmth.)

The warmer weather is reflected in our menu, where fresh herbs and summer fruits are beginning to brighten our meals. Here are a few things we've been enjoying lately:

Crustless quiche with rosemary, chives, and thyme from our pots;
salad from our own lettuce patch
(decorated with thyme blossom and pansies);
blueberry-peach fruit boats with almond glaze.

Cherry season is happily upon us, and cherries are showing up not only in our salads - cherries and cashews go wonderfully well together on dark leafy greens - but also in baked goods:

Cherry-chocolate chip muffins for breakfast.
Cherry breakfast focaccia,
before baking...

...and after. (Recipe may be found at Fine Cooking)

I don't mind pitting cherries in a good cause, do you?

P.S. Speaking of sunshine, Ana of Lanas & Hilos (click here to check out her very beautiful crochet blog) has kindly bestowed upon yours truly this cheery Sunshine Award.

Thank you, Ana!

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  1. Ooh I adore cherries, I'll have to try that bread.

    The sun shone here today, but we're forecast cold and rain again by the end of the week. I'm not complaining, it's not been too terribly wet in north Wales and I like it cool :D

  2. Yums!
    Our very over grown cherry tree produced the most exquisite blossoms this spring. I was so looking forward to the deliciousness of those rosy beings.
    I don't know what happened, but they all fell off of the tree.
    It was not do to frost or birds. I think that She the Cherry is just getting old. Sigh.

  3. Super delicious looking delicacies you have whipped up, Sue. Congrats on the Sunshine award, well deserved. :-)

  4. Yum! Nothing tastes better than something from your own garden. The rain has finally let up down here and we're enjoying beautiful weather, hope you get a little rain.

  5. The crustless quiche and salad look especially yummy. We're still shivering over here! Juliex

  6. Your food is right up my alley and looks ever so delish! Yummo! We have enough heat and sunshine here. I found it rather funny that the weather report today showed a chance for rain. Never, ever has it ever rained in Kuwait in the summer. Just too dang hot. Humidity yes, but so far it hasn't been too bad. Hope your day is great. Tammy

  7. Congrats on your award and those cherry chocolate muffins look delious!!!

  8. You are SO welcome...and THANK YOU for your delightful and sunny blog.
    God bless,
    Ana BC

  9. Right, here's the deal....you send me some of that food, and I'll send you some of the rain we've had to day (it's arrived in bucketfulls, so no one will miss a bit)

  10. I pedaled through some gorgeous and scented cherry orchards in Paonia last week, and I would have stopped for photos (LOTS!!!) if I hadn't been on a shot diet. :) Now you make me wish I'd made the sacrifice!


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