Monday, June 4, 2012

A Mountain Wedding

Here are some snapshots from my nephew's Colorado wedding, which took place Saturday on the shore of a mountain lake. Guests were encouraged to wear sunscreen - the sun can be pretty strong at 8000 feet - and sensible shoes, for the quarter-mile hike from the parking area to the wedding site.

Following Mr. M up the trail. In his bag are dress shoes and a bottle of water to guard against dehydration, which can occur very quickly at these altitudes.

More guests making their way to the wedding site under a dramatic Colorado sky.

Mud Lake - rather a humble name for so beautiful a setting.

Majestic Rocky Mountains on view in the distance.

There were two adorable flower girls (Little E and Littler C), and a very small ring-bearer (Littlest A) who just learned to walk a few weeks ago. The rings were in a little zip bag hanging on his arm. These, the only attendants, are the nieces and nephew of the groom - also my great-nieces and great-nephew. (I think they're the cutest, smartest, and most lovable children on the planet. But perhaps I'm prejudiced.)

An uncle of the groom officiated.

Glimpses of the bride's beautiful bouquet:

The weather forecast gave a 30% chance of rain, and heavy clouds continued to pile up behind us as the ceremony ended.

The proud mother and aunt of the groom, after the ceremony - wind-blown but happy.

The ceremony safely over, and photo-taking (mostly) complete, thunder cracked and raindrops began falling. Everyone scurried for cover.

The storm was mercifully brief. We headed to the parking lot, and back down the mountain for the reception in Boulder.

Just two more pictures. One for my friend Astri over at Apple Blossom Dreams: a special Norwegian cake made by the bride's mother to honour her Norwegian heritage. (The cake consisted of stacked rings of a meringue-like cookie made from almond flour, egg white, and powdered sugar. It was delicious.)

And one last photo of the ring-bearer at the reception, food-smeared and looking hilariously startled by a camera flash.

A lovely wedding. Congratulations to my dear nephew P and my new niece N!

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  1. Oh Sue, the wedding was lovely! What a breathtaking setting.

    That ring bearer photo is too cute! He'll love that when he gets older.

    You fill my heart with joy with the photo of the Kransekake. Many a kransekake had I made back in my bakery days and this makes me want to make another for the family to enjoy. The NVO has never tasted one. I hope you indulged!

    Wishes for continued safe travels to you and Mr. M.


    Oh and BTW - I am almost done with the Pennies and Lace project and what a delightful project it is. Thank you! I will post about it after my series on the man cave makeover.

  2. What an amazing place to hold a wedding! It look like a wonderful day...

  3. What a wonderful setting and backdrop for a wedding, beautiful. The cake looks lovely, and sounds delicious, would that proud Aunt be you?

    You obviously had a great time and that last pic of the ring bearer is priceless!

  4. What a lovely day and even lovelier pictures. Congratulations to one and all.

  5. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos!

    What a wonderful occasion, held in the most beautiful of places.

    Oh the kiddddies, too, too, too precious and cute!

    And you lookin' mighty nice too, Auntie!

    "Hoe while it is spring, and enjoy the best anticipations.
    It is not much matter if things do not turn out well."

    ~Charles Dudley Warner

  6. I am so glad the weather held out for you. What a magnificent location, even if the name is a little odd. The little wedding party is so adorable! Thanks for taking me along, even though I couldn't go!

  7. What a beautiful wedding, and location too> Very very cute little great nieces and nephew. Lovely. Juliex

  8. What a beautiful wedding. The location was amazing. The little attendants are just adorable. Congrats to the bride and groom.

  9. Thanks for sharing all of the loveliness!

  10. I feel like we were there! What a fantastic location to be wed or witness a wedding. And very, very cute kids. The photographer and her sister are looking very fine as well!

  11. What a beautiful place to start a life together!! The bouquet colors are gorgeous as are all the guests! :) What a blessing it was that you and Mr. Micawber could attend!! Family gathering from near and far to affirm weddings is so wonderful!!

  12. What a beautiful wedding! What a beautiful place for a wedding!! And that has to be the cutest ring bearer I've ever seen!

  13. Hi! I just found your blog because my fiancé and I are considering having our ceremony at Mud Lake. If this is the same lake, just outside of Nederland, I would love to know if your family has any advice — if there were any issues with having a ceremony at the lake. Any advice would be much appreciated! Water and sensible shoes are good ones. :-)

    1. Hi Kat - yes, this is the same Mud Lake. Sunscreen and Umbrellas are also a good idea (for sun/rain protection), and from what my nephew tells me, a morning wedding is best (storms tend to roll in after noon). The ground was very uneven, so the chairs were a bit awkward - they didn't have too many of those. If casual and beautiful is what you're after, I think it's a great location. If you have other questions, e-mail me and I'll try to get answers for you.


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