Monday, January 7, 2013

A Slow Start and a Mini-Giveaway

Are you having trouble bouncing back from the holidays, or is it just me? January seems to be getting off to a very slow start. I haven't even cast on a pair of socks yet (though I have got as far as swatching, with some dpns the size of toothpicks):

I can see already that my 2x2 rib is very wobbly and uneven. Let us hope for improvement in the days to come. :)

On a more cheerful note: if you've been a regular visitor here, you'll know that I love to give away crochet patterns - which is why I try to post a free one every month. However, there's one pattern I can't give away for free....

The Ghost Cone Scarf

But I CAN give away the magazine it comes in. And some chocolate to go with it. :)

If you'd like a chance to win a copy of Interweave Crochet Winter 2013 (which features my pattern on the cover - big grin), just leave a comment below answering these two questions:

1. Which do you like better: milk or dark chocolate?
2. Plain or with additions? (Such as nuts, fruit, spices, flavours, toffee bits, etc.)

I have two copies to give away, so there will be two winners. Entries will be open until midnight (CST) Sunday January 13th, and the drawing will be held on Monday January 14th.

This giveaway is international - anyone can enter. Good luck!


P.S. If you comment as "Anonymous" or "Name/URL", please be sure to include your e-mail address in the comment so I can contact you if you win.

P.P.S. To those faithful friends who have already rushed out to buy a copy of the magazine: enter anyway. You can give the extra copy to a pal. :)

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  1. What a great giveaway. I'm always on the lookout for new crochet mags and who can turn down chocolate????

    1. I prefer dark chocolate - yummy!
    2. No additions - just the chocolatey goodness. :)


  2. I prefer milk chocolate with nuts or peanut butter at the moment. Pregnancy definitely changes the taste buds! ;) Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Oh, nice :) Hard to get a copy of the magazine where I live..
    I like both, maybe dark better ;) I love coconut and pistachio :)

  4. I love chocolate; dark, milk with addiations or without :-)
    If I have to choose: Dark with nuts...


  5. I love dark chocolate, usually plain, but nuts are ok and found one with sea salt that was great.

  6. Dark chocolate, not corrupted with anything!

  7. I like your itty bitty dpn's. I bet the SnowCatcher likes them too. :) Love that yarn on there as well...will make super socks!

  8. Count me in! i may not be able to wait for my copy so if I win yours will be for a friend. I am so excited for you, gorgeous cover photo. I am a milk chocolate fan, but sadly can not eat sugar, so I will enjoy that from afar.

  9. Thanks for the lovely give away Sue, I love dark choc and have discovered the joy of chilli and chocolate lately, divine! x Penelope
    ps. Its so dreary and dark here in the mornings, really a big challenge to get up with any vavavoom!

  10. Tht scarf is so beautiful!
    I prefer chocolate with nuts.

  11. What a great giveaway, I would love to win!

    Okay, milk chocolate (make mine Cadbury's)
    and my favorite is with sultanas. (I only get this when I am in England!)

    That is so great that your pattern is in that magazine!

    Hope your 2013 is very creative!

  12. plain Dark chocolate is my favorite. Yummy!
    And the magazine looks amazing...
    Thanks for sharing!
    Ana BC

  13. I just saw the magazine, but have to wait for payday to go get it. Maybe I will win one. I like plain dark chocolate.
    I am really not making any crafty progress so far this year. I have cast on a couple of things and am switching between them.

  14. It's such a lovely scarf!! I like it more and more every time I see it!! :)

    Gosh, why such a hard question?? I like chocolate, period!! :) Milk can be dicey, though. Cheap milk chocolate is gaggy. But, if you were, say, bribing me to tell you by, oh I don't know, offering a gorgeous scarf pattern, perhaps.......I'd choose dark with toffee. :)

  15. Love your scarf,and I love the look of the magazine too please count me in. I love dark chocolate with any additions whatsoever. :)

  16. OH wow, I'd realy like to win the magazine with your gourgeos pattern, but chocolate is allways welcome too! I love milk in every variatopn, but toffee bits sounds extra jummy!

  17. Happy New Year!
    What a great give-away - I'd love to win a copy of the magazine with your pattern in it.
    As to chocolate - my favourite is dark 70% cocoa - in particular a fairtrade bar (Fairglobe) that can be bought in the UK in Lidl and costs 99p for 100g. So not all cheap chocolate is bad - just need to try lots and be choosy.
    I used to like milk chocolate (esp Lindt) but find it too sugary now, proper dark chocolate seems purer and healthier and you don't need so much of it to satisfy the cravings. So there you go...

  18. Well done! I prefer dark chocolate, I think. But if it has additions I prefer milk......just to be contrary! Jeliex

  19. julie.sandre@cbsa.gc.caJanuary 7, 2013 at 12:56 PM

    Julie from Canada!
    Hi Sue - I LOVE LOVE LOVE your scarf - I am new to crochet and I am going to attempt to make it this weekend. Wish me luck! Dark chocolate all the way baby! Why mess a good thing - nothing added, just plain ol' goodness.


  20. Hi Sue. My favorite chocolate is milk chocolate Milka, and my Walmart here in southwest Louisiana actually carries it! If I must choose American, I choose Reeses anything! Forget the healthy stuff!

  21. dark chocolate....its so good for your heart. and caramel! yum

  22. Thanks for your generous give-away, does give some special zest to the new year!
    As to your question, I am becoming quite fond of dark dairy-gluten-soy free chocolate! xx from Gracie

  23. A new crochet magazine AND chocolate - winning just may be what I need to start a new project 8-) Thanks for your generous give-away! Good luck to all!! Dark choc is my fave but no fruit, any other add-ins are okay with me.

  24. Dark with raspberry yum!!!!

  25. I love dark chocolate! I just had some dark chocolate with crystallized gInger. It was really good!

  26. I like milk chocolate with nuts. :-) Have a great week. Regula

  27. Oh, the scarf is wonderful...and on the cover no less! I love dark chocolate, with orange or almonds. Thank you for the generous give away and the chance to win it.

  28. Hi, Mrs. Micawber!:) your knitting will definitely improve with more stitches.
    Enter my name please. dark chocolate with nuts and fruits!:)hehe
    happy crocheting and knitting!

  29. Oh such a nice giveaway!
    I bought the magazine because I can't wait to start on 'your' cowl!
    Plain dark chocolate...maybe a bit of fruit added once in a while or peppermint:/

  30. I would love a copy of the magazine!
    I like milk chocolate with almonds or caramel. But my very favorite is white chocolate, even though I know it's not technically chocolate.

  31. Well I do intend to make good on 2012s sadly neglected resolution to get hooking in 2013, but your beautiful scarf would be way beyond my skills I fear. But I have a lovely friend who crochets like a pro and who is in need of cheering up ... so please do pop my name in the hat Sue.

    I like all kinds of chocolate, you expect me to choose? ;) But okay, milk, of the 33% or so cocoa solids variety, no longer nutty due to the jaw problems but spicy is good.

    Happy designing Sue, may your cover featured scarf be the first of many :D

  32. I love the cowl and dark chocolate with orange

  33. Bonjour Sue,

    I just discovered your nice blog and was trying to subsribe but could not find where.
    Then As i visited your blog,
    I find this concours.:

    I adore chocolat natural milk, but only the real chocolate with the natural chocolate butter , (I do not accepte the addition of palm oil and soja etc)

    Our Chocolate was so delicious, I eat some everyday....
    I am from Belgium where ,before the common european market changed some laws about products the chocolate was delicious then....( the addtion of soja and palm oil in everything wich is dangrous for the health and not good to the taste),
    we had the best chocolate...but also in Suisserland, and other coutryes.
    ( Sorry I speak and Writte better in French)

    I have shared some of yur pictures on my Pinterest, because i have liked what I have seen about crochet; I still have to discover the rest of your blog...;and magasine.
    Happy new year, kind regards


  34. Thank you for the give-away! I've been ogling that magazine :)

    1. I prefer dark chocolate,
    2. with additions, especially caramel or nuts

  35. That is one very cool cowl! Looks difficult. No matter how many years I crochet, I still feel like a novice. So much to learn, so much I don't understand. :) Dark chocolate is definitely my favorite -- and I like it with any additions -- especially orange and mint. Best wishes, Tammy

  36. Well, the first question is easy, I prefer milk chocolate :)
    Second question is where I start to contradict myself ;) I like it plain, but also with hazelnuts, but never with fruit, even though that has nuts too normally, which I love! And I like baileys chocolate too, if that counts!
    Your swatch is very cute :) And I love the cowl too!

  37. What an awesome cowl! Quite creative!

    I am a dark chocolate fan! I am allergic to dairy, so it precludes me from any of the milk chocolate varieties. I generally like it plain, but if there are bits of raspberry's, then I am TOTALLY okay with that!

    Just found your blog and am loving it! :-D Thank you pinterest!

  38. What a beautiful scarf! The cover of Interweave Crochet - what an accomplishment.
    I prefer dark chocolate with spices like cinnamon.

  39. Hello Sue, this is such a fabulous giveaway,I could not keep away. Thanks for beginning the new year with such a grand gesture :)

    The scarf is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations on being featured on the cover.

    I like dark chocolate with spices and nuts.

    Good day
    Bea (

  40. you are a great inspiration to me! love everything you do!

    I would love dark chocolate with pecans or walnuts!

    good fortune to you!

  41. 1/9/13

    Re: your comment on Gladys Taber... I own all her books. Collected them, over years and years, before they became scarce. :-)

  42. From Lima Peru , I enjoy so much your blog love to crochet and love chocolate either, like it with milk and plain
    Thanks for all your crochet I have done all your scarf
    Paticia Bustamante

  43. Congratulations! That is a beautiful scarf! I am new to your blog. I am really enjoying it. I love milk chocolate with peanut butter, toffee bits, or caramel. Thank you for the chance to win.

  44. I would love to be included in your giveaway too please! How exciting to not only be published, but be on the front cover, super-clever!

    I am a milk chocolate lover, I like bits/flavours in mine, but not nuts....nuts should be savoured on their own, or in savoury dishes me thinks!

  45. Ps, I have hit the ground running with housework since the kids have gone back to far I'm liking my new found clean-streak, I don't expect it to last.

  46. I like milk chocolate with almonds or peanuts.

  47. Love Milk chocolate with peanut butter or all by itself. Peanut butter M&M's will be my downfall I swear. lol. They are the perfect crafter's snack.

  48. Either one, but preferably dark, with nuts or other yummies. (but no fruit, that's just wrong.)

  49. I've already bought the magazine on my Kindle and made the scarf (super warm and snuggly), but I would love to have a paper copy!

    1. I prefer milk chocolate.
    2. I think I like it plain, so that nothing interferes with the chocolatey-ness.

    I absolutely love your blog and your patterns. Congratulations on your pattern being published!

  50. I prefer dark chocolate, always! I like mine with raspberry, orange, mint, cinnamon, almonds...oh, I guess it's hard to mess up my chocolate fix!

    Just found your blog today and am loving the crochet patterns!

  51. I much prefer dark chocolate...preferably with just a sprinkling of sea salt, but bits of fruit and nuts mixed in is equally pleasing.

  52. Sue, your scarf is absolutely gorgeous. You are so talented! Chocolate is chocolate and any kind is heavenly!

  53. What a lovely giveaway to start the new year, the scarf is really beautiful!
    Plain milk chocolate does it for me.

  54. Dark chocolate with nuts is bound to get my creative juices flowing again!

  55. I don't need the magazine, but I'll play. Milk with nuts. Never raisins. Happy 2013.

  56. Congratulations to you! What a beautiful cover. I would say lucky girl, but you definately earned the cover. Beautiful design.

    Definately milk chocolate, plain or with goodies.

  57. Definitely DARK chocolate! Plain to let it melt in your mouth or with toffee bits if you feel the need to chew!

    Crazy about your cover design, the epitome of "living graciously on limited means!"

  58. Cynthia Modivah
    wow that cowl is so beautiful. I am going to make it right away. I love dark shocolate and I love add ins--nuts, ginger, orange peel, chile. Ilive in New Mexico and am a spicy Aries. thank you

  59. I'm a recent dark chocolate convert - with anything :)

    You have some of the most beautiful crochet patterns I've seen - with awesome instructions!! Thanks for sharing xD

    Bobbi Lewis

  60. I've just discovered your blog today looking for a cozy and unique pattern for a cowl as a gift for my lovely cousin's birthday. I'm sure she'll love your ribbonberry cowl!thank you very much.
    I'm Italian so I cannot love but dark chocolate! Recently I've been given three bars of dark chocolate (one with pepper, one with mint and one with orange)from an eco-sustainable shop: I'll try them and I'll tell you!

  61. 1 Dark chocolate is the best!
    2 Burbon cherries inside!

    Aglamesis (Cincinnati, Oh) makes Burbon Cherries at Christmas time and were sold out before I got mine last Christmas :(

    Thank you for your awesome blog. I was checking it out for the first time tonight and loved what I saw so far.

  62. Congratulations on the cover spot! That is awesome! It's a gorgeous cowl/scarf.

  63. What a beautiful scarf!! I'm probably to late for the give away but just in case...Milk chocolate anyway ismy favorite!


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