Monday, January 14, 2013

And the Winners Are....

Thanks so much to everyone who entered the January giveaway. What fun it's been to hear what kind of chocolate you all like - dark or milk or white, smooth or with additions - and what very sweet comments you all left. Blogtopia really is a wonderful place filled with the nicest of people.

But who are the winners? (I can feel the waves of quivering anticipation.) Let us turn to the trusty Random Integer Generator. In go the numbers, and out comes:

Numbers 13 and 8, which would be...

...(just a second whilst I hop over to the post and count down the comments list)...

Beth of My Creations
Meredith of Mereknits

Congratulations, girls! If you'll e-mail me your addresses, I'll get your magazines and chocolate out to you.

~ ~ ~

And thank you, again and again, to all who continue to read and leave comments. I wish I could send something to every one who entered. (The only downside of blog giveaways is the frustration engendered by not being able to give a prize to everyone.)

Happy January!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Congrats to the winners! You are such a gracious giveaway lady, Sue.

  2. Congratulations to Beth and Meredith, enjoy that yummy chocolate :)

  3. Oh dear, I missed it! But congratulations to the winners.

  4. Thank you so very much! What a great surprise. I look forward to dusting off my crochet skills and giving your pattern a try for my DD

  5. Oh I missed this one!....Congrats to the winners!

  6. Congrats to the winners. I agree with your sentiments about the blogging community and have been fortunate to have won 3 give-aways in the past. Always amazes me as I have never really won anything in my life until i started entering blog give aways! Hope you are keeping all wrapped up and super cosy x Penelope


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