Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Cloudy Sunday Walk ... and Palm Trees

Howdy strangers ... I've been away for several days on a visit to Southern California, where I was checking up on my Aged P (and Mr. M's), and meeting up with a dear old friend who was also in town.

My friend S signed us up for a 5K run/walk on Sunday. An avid runner herself (we ran cross country and track together in high school and she's been running ever since), she generously offered to walk the course with me.

The morning was cloudy and grey, but the runners added plenty of colour to the scene. Some crazy costumes were in evidence:

S had brought matching neon t-shirts and pink boas for us to wear. I added crochet flowers for extra beauty:

Planet Penny Cotton Club yarn, of course!

Our 3.1 miles of walking and talking (with lots of laughter) went very quickly. Before we knew it, we had reached the finish line.

And here we are in our crochet-trimmed shirts, proudly wearing our surfboard medals...

...and clutching some of the goodies the volunteers shoved into our hands at the finish:

Fruit was also available for replenishing lost calories:

After the event, we hung around to watch the costume contest. The finalists included runners dressed as a Bavarian, a team of Minions, Jackie O, Medusa, and a mother/son superhero duo:

The mother-and-son duo won (based mainly on the extreme cuteness of the shorter partner, I think).

Next we took a stroll on the misty beach. That's Huntington Beach Pier in the background below:

The water was full of floating surfers who never seemed to catch a wave. All they did was sit around on their boards...

...or so it seemed.

While editing my photos later, I found I had unknowingly snapped one of them actually SURFING in the background of this shorebird shot:

We saw packs of little sandpipers scooting across the sands...

...lots of typical California beach shells (most of them less than an inch long)...

...and bird tracks large and small (these are the small ones):

Then we said goodbye to the ocean... back in the car, and headed inland to our parents' homes.

A very good Sunday walk with a friend. :)

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  1. It looks like you had a really good day! Fun decorated t-shirts and lovely red, shiny apples.
    How lovely to be beside the sea too! I've always loved sandpipers and the way they move across the sand!

  2. Hello, Sue! It is so good to know you had nice time with your friend, also I hope your P is all right.
    I loved the pictures of the beach... It got colder here in India, and I already wore my jacket today. have a nice day!

  3. What a fun way to take a sponsored walk. I love the wee sandpipers, they are such pretty birds. Ours have a really haunting call - I wonder if yours do too? Juliex

  4. So glad you got away, met up with a friend and enjoyed the beach. Hugs to you and have a great trip.

  5. Love the photos…what a wonderful time you all had. :)

  6. Your pictures are terrific! I always told Steve, we run for bananas.

    Our next run is the Vanessa Welch Reindeer Run at SeaWorld in Orlando. I should remember to take my camera. I'm sure there will be costumes.

    Congrats on YOUR run! Looks like you had fun.

  7. The beach looks beautiful. Laughing always makes the time pass quickly don't you think? Love the surf board 'metal' . Glad you had time with a friend.

  8. Looks like you had a good time. Every time we go back to California friends and family always ask don't you miss it, and we always say no, just the people. Don't miss California at all, how about you?

  9. Welcome home! I didn't know you would be doing a run/walk, too, while you were there. I love the T-shirt embellishments! You make me anxious for my upcoming trip...

  10. Looks like a nice trip away with lots of variety - what fun to do the 'walk-run' with your friend. I trust you found the Aged P's doing well. Joy

  11. You are very clever, Sue. I am not. I saw your first photo of the Palm trees and thought, "where are there palm trees in Wisconsin ":) I'm glad you were able to visit the parents and a good friend and get to visit the ocean, too! Your shirts and boas were prize worthy, also. I am praying for God's blessing on you and yours.
    Gracie xx

  12. Well done on finishing!


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