Monday, October 21, 2013

Drizzly what it's been nearly all week. And damp. And cold. Near-freezing nights have kicked autumn colour into high gear, but wind and rain have taken down many leaves before their time.

On Friday we pulled up the basil plants, and stripped the leaves to store in the freezer. (This made me feel like a murderer, but the plants could no longer survive the cold nights, even under a protective layer of plastic.) With the basil went our last dreams of summer.

~ ~ ~

On Sunday a steady drizzle falls all day long. Not the best weather for walking, but I've been sitting around crocheting and eating starchy foods and drinking cup after cup of tea. Some sort of exercise (beyond that of my wrists and jaws) is indicated - so out come the woolly undershirt and the new neon violet fleece top, and the bright lilac hat I haven't worn since last winter. Tallulah climbs into my pocket, and we head out into the rain.

It's too wet for trail-walking, so we aim for the park. Edging the lake near the park entrance are some ghostly remains of unidentified flowers, rain-spangled and delicately lovely:

Lining the park's inner pond are coneflowers: some partially dried, still with a gleam of life about them:

 ...and some completely dried:

These fluffy brown blossoms are ironweed gone to seed:

Tallulah consents to pose on a damp bridge railing against a misty view of the lake :

(I see she's still wearing her cycling helmet. Not much chance of a ride in this weather!)

Round the corner are some impressive goldenrod turned velour:

Ash keys dangle from a leafless tree:

The rain makes overlapping circles on the water:

Tallulah asks for a whiff of acorn:

"How does it smell?" I ask.

"Oaky, with a hint of nuttiness," she replies.

We have nearly completed our circuit of the park, but the best is yet to come. Ahead is a piercingly lovely sugar maple that has scattered leaves like scarlet confetti over the wet asphalt.

Could anything be more beautiful than this?

Autumn has its compensations, even in the rain. :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. You make the simple, sublime! Beautiful pictures. I particularly like the very first one. Stunning!

  2. The sugar maple is breath taking! Seems like you and little Miss T had a fun adventure out! Loved seeing all the plants.....thanks for taking us along. :)

    Blessings always

  3. Brrr, I'm ready for autumn, but not for winter yet.

  4. If you have a cosy home, drizzly weather is not bad, istn't it? We have had quite warm weather. No frost at night so far. However, November is not far away .... Keep yourself warm!

  5. I enjoyed my walk with you and Tallulah Sue, beautiful photo's the colour of those Autumn leaves is divine. :)

  6. The sugar maple is indeed very beautiful. It does compensate quite a bit for all your drizzle. We seem to be having similar dreich weather but probably a little less chilly, your winters seem so much more severe than ours. juliex

  7. Same things are happenning around our house. Poor basil won't survive this week-time for the last pesto of the season. Alas, the unseen world of viruses is very much active this days and trips to our local nurse practitioner are numerous :)

  8. Never realized the goldenrod turned to velour seeds. Beautiful! Linda

  9. I love that single red maple leaf outlined on the pavement! Makes me want to go to Canada!
    I thought that said, "OKAY, with a hint of nuttiness"...I need new glasses! xx

  10. Those leaves are beautiful. What a lovely fall walk.

  11. No wonder you're drinking so many cups of tea! These pictures explain it all. Mmmm, cozy tea weather.

  12. Sue, [ and Miss T] thanks so much for sharing the beauty around you so beeeautifully! I haven't brought in the last of our basil yet, our temps are still in the 40s at night but no doubt they will be dipping down soon. (could you convince yourself that you are a conservationist instead of a murderer, Sue...please :) ?
    Gracie xx

  13. That tree is stunning, the wet weather makes the colors even more brilliant.
    Hugs to you and Miss Tallulah,

  14. I wonder if you might be part mail carrier - "Neither rain nor sleet..."! I would have been there with you if we were neighbors - love fall. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I have so enjoyed this post, thank you, and especially that beautiful tree and Tallulah - I love her and your stories around her. How good it is to not let the weather stop you doing what you want to do - rain, hail or shine!

  16. Holy, moly, the red leaves!!!

    We actually have a Japanese maple in our backyard, and in the past four years, it has always dropped what few leaves remain before it could turn blazing red. But this year... oh, this year!!!

    Tallulah looks as if she's been around this year. Fun to see she still gets out and up close and personal!


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