Monday, October 14, 2013

Just Published....

A quick and lacy little star, perfect for adorning trees and gifts alike. Here's the published version:

"Classic Christmas"

And here is where the pattern may be found:

Love of Crochet's Quick Holiday Crochet,
available now online and in stores.

Sample I made for the magazine, being blocked:

The commissioned star was crocheted in Natural, but someone at Love of Crochet must have decided that a red version would better fit their needs. I think it looks lovely in both shades - and how nice to know that the pattern has already been tested and successfully made by at least one other person!

Below is a detail of the original star, one of many I designed and made years ago to be sent out with Christmas cards (the tiny spots are bits of glitter):

It hangs on my Christmas tree every December, and is one of my favourite ornaments.

Just goes to show that good crochet is both Classic and enduring! Especially when properly blocked and stiffened.


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  1. Very pretty. I have some that I made about 35 years ago, also from an American magazine, Red Book probably. There used to be so many adverts for cigarettes in those days.

  2. Sadly I cannot crochet. I can knit up a blue streak, but for some reason I'm all thumbs when it comes to one hook. Very cute star.

  3. Congratulations Sue, I love this pretty star and wonder if it would look good with some sparkly yarn xox Penny

  4. You did it again, Sue! Beautiful star! I will never find that magazine over here in Nederland, so I will look for it when I get back home, Linda

  5. Congratulation Sue..Lovely star indeed. My favorite color is the white.. Hugs Judy

  6. Congratulations! You are wracking up quite the resume, Sistah! I like this both in the red and the white, and I think it would look awesome in a sparkly blue, too!

  7. it's lovely in both colours, I made lots for my tree last year and for friends. I'm hoping they will still be ok when I get my decorations out this year. :)

  8. Oh Sue, I MUST buy that book since I know you did this pattern!! I LOVE that star, and you made it up yourself! You are so talented. Christmas will be here before you know it.

  9. What a beautiful star Sue - congratulations - I will look out for the magazine so I can give it a go!
    Thank you! Joy

  10. Very nicely done, it is really fun to decorate with hand made ornaments. I can tell by the ornaments made how busy I was during that year.

  11. This is a very pretty star. Lovely picots :)

  12. Beautiful, Sue! Cheers for you and thanks so much for sharing :)
    Gracie xx

  13. I love it and I love that it is going to be published. By the way I like your color loads more.

  14. Pretty! I like both colors. I will have to look for that magazine when I wander out and about .


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