Monday, August 29, 2016

Apron Winner!

Giveaways are such a mixture of delight and frustration. Delight to have something to give away; frustration that I can't give a prize to everyone who enters. This one was no exception.

A few weeks ago, I offered up my latest magazine project, the Modern Afternoon Apron with 1912 Edging (as seen in Vintage Crochet 2016) as a possible prize to readers who visited my Bike MS fundraising page and made a donation (of any size) to the National MS Society.

Left photo by Joe Coca for Vintage Crochet 2016, copyright F+W Media 2016.
Right photo by me. :)

Three generous ladies responded during the time frame specified: TeresaJanet, and Kay. (Some awesome personal friends and family members also made donations during that time, but I didn't put their names in the draw. I don't think they'll mind.)

So how do you choose a winner when you're rooting for everyone who entered?

There's nothing for it but to write their names on slips of paper:

Crumple the slips as evenly as possible and toss them around in a bowl:

And ask a truly impartial family member to pick one from the bowl. (Note to self: next time put the bowl on a table and take the action shot from a better angle.)

Then you open up the chosen slip...

...and think:

a) Hooray! It's Kay!
b) Dang! It's not Teresa or Janet!

Congratulations Kay! Watch your mailbox for a package from Wisconsin.

Teresa and Janet - you gals are the best. I think you know it. Thank you so much for your generous gifts.


The Apron giveaway may be over, but it's never too late to donate to the National MS Society. Your gift will help fund research and help provide local services for people with MS. Click here or on the blue "Bike MS" box in the sidebar to donate.

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  1. Congrats to Kay! Good luck on your ride.

  2. Oh Sue! I am so tickled!! This has made my day!
    Does this mean I need to become a good housekeeper because I will have a pretty apron? HA! Nah, I will just look good!
    Thank you, dear Sue! xx

  3. CONGRATS to Kay!! Lucky!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Such a fun unique prize. Lucky Kay!

  5. Congrats to Kay! You received a beautiful prize.

  6. Congratulations, Kay! I know you are probably loving that apron!


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