Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Flying Summer

The long-awaited Summer is rushing past like a brief hot wind from the South. We can't hold on to it; we can only make the most of it while it lasts.

For me, this means cycling: rolling along rural Wisconsin roads, watching trees and flowers, clouds and fields, animals and birds. It means carrying a camera in my jersey pocket, and stopping often to capture bits of this season that passes all too quickly.

Here are some of the things I love about Summer....

Coneflowers tanning their noses:

Woodland Sunflower and Flowering Spurge like small bright stars in the shade of the woods:

Passing a favourite barn:

The tiny white perfection of Whorled Milkweed:

Woolly buds and fuzzy flowers of Mullein:

Rust-topped silos and green-growing corn:

Waves of Queen Anne's Lace and Spotted Knapweed, spangled with dancing butterflies:

Butterfly's-eye view

An old barn full of shadows, and spotted calves feeding in the sun:

Heliopsis holding its golden cups to the sky:

And small pink clouds at the end of an evening ride.

~ ~ ~

How do you make the most of Summer?

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  1. This summer is flying by for me too. I would like to be at the lake more but these silly health things have kept me home more than I would want. Oh well. I'm enjoying it while it lasts. Soon the snow will be flying again.

  2. Happy summertime as long as it lasts. :-)

  3. Summer doesn't fly in the south, it creeps along. I do what I can, but the heat really beats me down. I enjoy your bike rides!

  4. I am not a fan of Summer,always seems to be a little too hot and nasty for my taste...but Autumn, oh yes, that is one of my favorite times (Spring is the other) of year. The cooler days, the changing of the leaves, the's the entire world just goes ahhhhhhh. Love your photos and tagging alone on your adventures. :)

  5. Even though the summer days are fleeting, you have once more captured some lovely views of summer around you and described your impressions beautifully, Sue! I am still catching up on tasks I let go while having fun camping. Some of the trees around here have already started changing color, much to my surprise... although I suspect I note this every August. I'm so glad you have been enjoying your bike rides and letting us see some of what you see. Thanks! xx

  6. So much beauty to see on your rides. We are currently just touring around until my college bound boy can move into his dorm. I'm not particularly looking forward to returning to hot, dusty Kuwait. Leaving him behind will be hard. But I'm ready for some normalcy and to eat home cooked food again.

  7. Love all the flowers! We have woodland sunflowers here and Queen Anne's Lace, the rest must be suited for more northern climes.
    As always, a wonderful post with pretty pictures and wonderful words. x

  8. Lovely photo's as always Sue, our Summer is very unpredictable, planned trips are usually spoilt by high winds or rain so my Summer is usually spent in the garden when I can and drinking coffee and crocheting in the Summer house when I can't. :) xx

  9. Wonderful photos. At the moment, my favorite thing about summer is the AC :-)

  10. Gorgeous images again Mrs. M - I do enjoy your bike-rides-with-wildflowers.

  11. Gorgeous wildflowers! Your barns always make me smile. Think we'll see any in Washington??? :) The Lizard likes the cow's ears. !!!


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