Wednesday, January 9, 2019

January Smiles

2019 has gotten off to a pleasant start.

On New Year's Eve a thick, soft snow began to fall. It continued through the night, and we woke the next morning to a bright beautiful world of clean-scrubbed air and sparkling blue-and-white skies:

I thought winter had settled in for good, but by the end of the week the mercury was rising. The first Saturday of the year dawned warm and clear, with a forecast of temps in the mid-40s, and enough sun to melt much of the snow off the roads.

Who could resist such a temptation? Not I.

Nothing puts a smile on my face like an unexpected January ride. :) It was such a treat to see open water:

And my own snowy shadow racing by my side:

To visit my favourite larches:

And hear Tallulah hollering "January ride! Woo hoo!"

We were surprised to see a woolly bear crossing the road (we though they'd all be hibernating by now). I stopped for a photo, and asked Tallulah if she'd like to climb down and say hello. "No thank you," she replied. "The last time I made friends with a woolly bear it nearly broke my heart. I think I'll stay in my basket."

So I snapped a photo or two, then climbed back into the saddle for a last few happy miles.

Alas, this halcyon weather didn't last. Rain began falling the next day, turning the world sodden and grey, and last night the mercury dropped sharply, driven downwards by an icy northwest wind. Winter is back.

How's 2019 treating you so far?

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  1. Wishing you a very happy New Year, Sue!
    How lovely to get out on your bike in January. I especially love the two views taken from the bridge. So lovely to see some snow too - just hoping that the roads stay safe!

  2. Happy New Year, Sue. We have lots of snow, quite "adventurous" it seems. People drive slowly(est). :-) It takes so much time to go someplace. And a bicycle is lost (the woman on it), the streets are slippery.

    Imagina all the layers I have to put on, when I want to go to school. then I have find my car in the snow, free it and so on, and so on. Much work during the winter. However, I love the wood stove. If I could stay in my house ALL DAY, I would be happy.

    I love summer when life is so easy!!!!!!

    All the best to you. Regula

  3. So far it has abeen a great new year. Much needed. Fireman is riding with his group tonight in the dark on some trail. THen they go out to eat. At least there should be no wind to deal with

  4. Richard recorded the TV series "Dickensian" for me! (It was on PBS during Christmas, I think...couldn't watch it then, too sick!) Now, this was on BBC America a few years ago and I don't know if you saw it but if not, make sure you look out for it! You would LOVE IT! Love your snow photos!

  5. So far, so good.. got back into swimming after an illness related hiatus. I love your photos.. especially the bike against the bridge with the meandering creek behind.. really evocative.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. We've had weird weather... more rain than snow and that is very unusual for us. It is also keeping us inside more than usual. Next week is supposed to be mostly sunny and I'm looking forward to that.

  7. Beautiful photos, as usual. We've had a LOT of grey days. No snow since Thanksgiving week, but a little bit is predicted for tomorrow night.

  8. Your snow was very pretty but I hope it doesn't cross the Pond!

  9. Your photos are so beautiful Sue. Hope you are surviving the latest snow storm.

  10. I hope Tallulah was wearing her long johns! What an invigorating ride that must have been.

  11. Our Winter Ride to Work Day was today, and it was 3, with five inches of snow the night before. So I didn't ride. I was too afraid of slipping and falling and... Glad you got out before it got bad!


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