Saturday, April 2, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Trena over at The Slapdash Sewist has been making the most adorable outfits for an upcoming bicycle trip. Her clothing motto is "Look Cute Every Day" and she's definitely succeeded. Click here to see what she looks like in her cycling clothes.

This is what I look like in MY cycling clothes:

Spandex Alien

Ugh.  Could anything be less flattering?  (Well, yes.  The shorts without the tights look even worse.)  I just keep telling myself it may not be handsome, but at least it's handy.

I envy people who live in climates that allow for year-round cycling.  My riding season starts in March (well, I did take ONE ride this March) and ends (if I'm very very lucky) in early November.  This is due partly to my lack of serious cold-weather cycling clothes, and partly to the inertia that seems to kick in with sub-30º weather.  The snow and ice don't help, either.

But every March we get a few balmy days left over from September, when the temperatures hit the 50s, the February snows melt away, and we can kid ourselves that spring is coming early.  That's when I love to get out the gear, struggle into the Lycra tights, pump up Iris's tires, and head out for that first chilly spring ride.  Like an old friendship that always picks up just where it left off, I feel as though I've never been off the bike.

Iris, my ancient vintage bike and old friend

Here's to more and warmer rides in April. Happy cycling!

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