Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Simple Pleasures: A Basketful of Yarn

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"Colour is the fruit of life," said Guillaume Apollinaire.

Maybe that's why the basket of yarn looks so right on my dining table. (And if only my camera would see the colours as I do, my pleasure would be complete.  Maybe some things just aren't meant to be duplicated.)

The real fruit lives in the kitchen.

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  1. It's lovely. I could photograph yarn and craft supplies all day if my lighting would cooperate. It doesn't, though.

  2. The colors look appetizing to me! I love gazing at bright colors; they are so inspiring!

    I like your idea of using it as a centerpiece. I think I may have to try that!

  3. Thanks girls!

    The lighting never does seem to cooperate. With a flash everything's too red. With this year's persistently cloudy Wisconsin spring the indoor natural light just doesn't seem balanced.

    I love bright colours too, Snowcatcher. They may not be trendy but they make me happy. (I always picture you as surrounded by white yarn but I know that's not really the case!)

  4. I love your basket of colour! :-)

    Thanks very much for visiting my blog, it is nice to 'meet' you.


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