Thursday, April 21, 2011

Use It Up....

Next time you cut up an old t-shirt for dustrags or t-yarn, save the hem section.  Doubled up, it makes a great headband for facewashing, makeup application, or just getting the bangs out of the eyes:

If the band is too loose, twist it a few times (at the midpoint) before doubling and putting it on.

And speaking of cutting things up:  I love knee socks for our cold Wisconsin winters, but the toes wear out so quickly.  I usually try to stitch them up a few times, but there always comes a day when I can't mend them any more.  I just hate throwing away a sock that is still 98% good.

So I've started to keep my hole-y socks and cut them up for other purposes.  A ribbed sock is great for, well, ribbing:

Felted thrift-store sweater mittens with sock ribbing cuffs

Sock strips also make super soft hair scrunchies (especially comfortable for headache-prone people like me who can't stand having their hair pulled tightly).

Cut a piece 1/2" to 1" wide from the ankle/leg portion of sock

They stretch out quickly, but you can always just put another  loop around the ponytail.  I carry a few of these in my purse, and if they get misplaced I don't have to feel too bad.  Plenty more where these came from.

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