Thursday, August 11, 2011

At the Park; or, Shooting When I Ought to Be Speedwalking

I should NOT take my camera with me on my morning walks. The temptation to ditch exercise for photography is too great.

Case in point: this beautiful morning. Blue skies, puffy clouds, fresh breeze, and wildflowers blooming around the lily-filled pond. Out came the camera from the pocket. Away went all thoughts of intervals.

In Sunday's post, I wrote that the pink and lavender flowers were nearly gone from the roadsides. Now I know why - they've all moved to the park.

Masses of ironweed lean out over the pond...

...such an intense fuschia colour.

The water-lilies are flourishing like the green bay tree.

Purple coneflowers look like something out of a fairy tale.

On the far side of the pond, this stunning fungus, at least a foot across, is growing from a chopped-down tree. (Why am I reminded of Star Trek? I looked around for Spock, but he wasn't there.)

On the way out of the park, loosestrife blooms at the edge of the lake.

Ah, well. I can do intervals any time, but these flowers will be gone before we know it.

I walked home as fast as I could. Does that count?

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  1. Taking beautiful pictures must nourish your soul and is, therefore, better for you than walking could ever be. (You could always do the speed-walking on the way back).

  2. Yes, yes, yes! Shoot the flowers while you can. We could have snow in just a month... and walking without intervals is still exercise. :D


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