Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wings of Hope

Today was a stressful day. We'd heard that my mom is being unexpectedly released from the nursing home tomorrow morning, although by all accounts she's not ready. My dad is rushing around like mad trying to prepare for her return, exhausting himself in the process. Those of us who would like to be involved are far away, unable to do much more than call. The very few family members who are close enough to do anything are overcommitted to other endeavours, and less than enthusiastic when it comes to helping out.

In desperation I sent a message to the sister of a friend, someone I knew slightly when I lived in California. I had heard she offered in-home care to the elderly, and wanted to know if she were available and if so what were her terms. (My father had finally admitted he needed some help.)

I went to the grocery store under a cloud of woe. On my return, a bright red dragonfly zoomed up behind me and landed on the columbine bush next to our front steps. "As usual, I don't have my camera when I really want it," was my Eeyore-like thought.

I climbed the steps, and he didn't move. I went in, got my camera, came back out, and there he was still, just waiting to have his picture taken. He posed most obligingly for several minutes whilst I shot him from every conceivable angle.

He showed me his stealth mode...

And let me get right up in his face for a close-up. Don't his wings look like delicate stained glass?

When he felt I had enough shots, he zoomed off again.

I went inside to find a message on the answering machine from my friend's sister. "I got your message, Sue. I just finished up a job and was really praying for something new to come along. I'd love to help out with your parents. I'll clean, vacuum, cook, take care of your mom; anything they need done. When do they want me to start?"

Thank you, God, for bright red bugs with beautiful wings. For friendly human voices, and willing human hands, I am grateful.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Sorry about your mum, Sue - but glad to hear that you found some help.

    Great bug photos!

    Thanks for the comment on my post that made me LOL. :-)

  2. You must be so relieved Sue. There is usually an answer when we need one.

    The Dragonfly pictures are lovely, weren't you lucky?

  3. What a blessing to find help for your mom and dad from someone you have a connection with! A lovely answer to what was a worrisome situation!!

    So, I didn't know dragonflies came in red!!! He's a handsome one, too!! :)

  4. That's the most beautiful thing I've read today. I'm so glad your friend was available, and I'm so happy God sent you a crystal-winged red dragonfly!


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