Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jade and Pearls for Judy's Friend

Beading season has returned - another sign that summer is on the wane. Time to start work on the next batch of jewelry projects for my friend Judy, whose family and friends all seem to have bead-requiring birthdays in fall or early spring. (They get necklaces for Christmas too.)

This project was a sort of secondhand commission. A friend of Judy's picked up some lovely jade beads while visiting the Southwest. Not knowing what to do with them, she consulted Judy, who did not rest until she brought us all together for a design powwow. She invited us both to her house, looked at the jade, suggested some pearls for contrast, and, being the soul of generosity, donated the pearls, vintage spacer beads, and stringing materials from her own stash. She also talked the friend into having earrings to match the necklace. (Judy's a very determined lady where jewelry is concerned.)

The style is very understated and classic-looking, in accordance with the friend's desires. Judy has an excellent eye for colour and form, and the pearls she suggested are the perfect foil for the rich mossy green of the jade (which colour was very hard to capture with the camera).

I hope Judy's friend will enjoy the finished set.

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  1. A charming suite of jewels. I'm sure the recipient will be entranced.

  2. Of course she will enjoy them and wear them proudly! They are beautiful! The combination of pearls and spacer beads truly are perfect for this.

  3. Such a pretty design!! The pearls really do set off the jade!! And the earrings are the perfect touch!!! Beautiful!!


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